5 Situations When You Require Emergency Dental Care

Dentist with patient

Dentist with patient

Even the most reluctant patient can book a dental appointment because of a dental emergency. Teeth are sensitive, and ignoring them may lead to severe emergencies. Even though few dental emergencies result in death, ignoring them may result in permanent damage or high costs of managing them ultimately.

You can quickly detect a dental emergency as opposed to other health complications. Most oral crises are characterized by bleeding and pain. You should know the types of dental emergencies so that you know when to visit your dentist for emergency dental care in Meridian.

The normal toothache

You have heard of individuals who have a toothache, but they overlook the intense pain or take painkillers to ease the pain rather than addressing the actual cause. Toothache can sometimes be an indication of a severe issue. Exposed roots, gum disease, abscessed tooth, and cavities are some of the causes of toothaches. Chewing muscle spasms and jaw illnesses also cause pains. You should visit a dentist for an x-ray as soon as you experience a constant toothache.

Losing a filling or crown

Fillings are integral in restoring damaged or decaying teeth. Your dentists will remove the decaying matter on your tooth, clean and disinfect the decayed part before filling it. Dental fillings have a material that can wear out over time. Therefore, they can fall off, which causes deterioration and tooth sensitivity. As such, you should call your dentist for an appointment right away when the crown or filling has fallen off to avoid further damages.

Bleeding mouth

Several reasons cause bleeding in the mouth, such as when flossing or brushing. It is a sign of minor inflammation, food particles under the gums, or a high amount of bacteria. You should visit your dentist when the bleeding continues even after applying pressure on the part for about ten minutes.

Knocking or chipping a tooth out

Never throw away the chipped part of your teeth in case of a violent encounter. Make sure you wrap the piece with a clean piece of cloth and visit your dentist immediately. The dental expert will examine you and recommend restoration of the chipped tooth or leave it as it is based on the severity of the issue. The dentist can recommend a dental bridge or implant if space is big. The important thing is to ensure that you rush to a dentist immediately.

Breaking your jaw

Dentists looking at an x-ray

A broken jaw is a serious dental emergency that should not be overlooked even if it does not directly affect your teeth. Jaw fractures are characterized by a lack of teeth coordination and pain. Unfortunately, it can be fatal if the tongue is blocking the breathing pattern. Therefore, make sure you make an appointment with your dentist.

Visit an emergency dentist as soon as you experience a dental emergency. Emergency dentists accept walk-ins and are usually open even at night and during public holidays. As such, you should not suffer in pain as you wait to visit a dentist in the morning.

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