Setting Up a Small-scale Brewery

Brewery tap

Brewery tap

You’ve finally perfected your recipes and brewing processes, and you might have a few brews you believe will hit it big. However, going from merely brewing to producing large batches of beer involves more than just your brewing skills.


10-20 bottles are not enough. Once you hit the perfect brew, you might need to produce hundreds of bottles of beer a day! You need to scale up your production, which requires more (and more significant) equipment as well as larger spaces. Your house will not be able to handle the equipment needed to produce high volumes of beer; you’ll need to rent a small warehouse or a similar-sized space to house your brewing equipment. A typical 3-7.5 BBL setup can usually cost around $25,000-$50,000. This includes the larger brewing systems, kegs, piston filling machines for bottling, other necessary equipment, electrical systems, and refrigeration. The startup can be a bit expensive, but nano breweries have been known to turn huge profits. With the right market and a successful product, you can expect earnings of more than $100,000 a year. For more significant gains, you can open a brewpub. This way, you have a captive market for your brews, and you get additional profit from the food you serve.


While it’s essential to create tasty brews, branding is also necessary for every breweries’ success. Get a few friends and seriously brainstorm on your brand and the name of your drinks. Brand names are influential and can make or break your product. Large corporations can take months or even years planning the names of their products, so you can probably take a week or two to come up with a catchy name. Take time to create a distinctive label or have professionals make it for you. If you’re planning on opening a brewpub, get proper signage. You want to get seen and remembered. Have your glasses laser etched with your brand logo. This makes your customers your attention to detail and gives your pub a more personal appeal.


Canned beers

Get the word out on your brews. Offer discounts or promos on the first weeks of your opening and don’t hesitate to give away a few batches. Send a keg or two to the local sports team and donate a few drinks whenever the local fire department or police are having special events or fundraisers. Donations to the police and fire department are tax deductible, so they’re an excellent way to get your product out there without spending a dime. Create merchandise. Customize shirts and caps with your logo and add a few bottle openers and fridge magnets. You can give away your merchandise as part of your promotions or even sell them to your loyal customers; either way, it’s free advertising.

America’s love for beer is evident in the ongoing success of local breweries. By monetizing your brewing skills, you can now turn your passion for brewing beer into a profitable business and prove to your community that you have the best brews in the land.

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