Baby Milestones: Know If Your Baby Is on the Right Track

Little newborn baby boy 14 days, sleeps

Little newborn baby boy 14 days, sleepsBaby milestones are important events in a baby’s development. With the right knowledge of these milestones, you are aware if your baby is on the right track or delayed. Babies grow at an astonishingly fast rate. One time you’re just cuddling your baby; the next thing you know you’re already running after her as she can walk, run, and jump already.

During the first year of a baby’s life, she will go through developmental phases that are expected from her. These will prepare her for the big world ahead. In time, you’ll see her walk, talk, or choose her own clothes from baby boutiques in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a thrill to see the small achievements of your baby.

Although not all babies will experience or perform the same baby milestone at an exact age, it’s important to note whether your baby can do it or not. This may warrant a consultation with a pediatrician for further assessment. Here are important baby milestones to look out for:


The smile is something everyone is waiting for when a baby is at home. Your baby’s cute and adorable grin can light up the day. But when do you know if it’s a smile or just the passing of gas? In about eight weeks or two months after birth, you should expect her first smile. Smiling is an infant’s first social skill. With a smile, the baby can now distinguish between different emotions such as happiness and sadness.


This is one of the great parenting moments you’ve been longing for. Once you hear her laugh, you won’t distinguish the sound right away. But with practice, the baby can make the right laughing sound in time. Laughter is her step to learning to communicate with others. She can now express her happiness.

Rolling Over

In about two to three months, your baby may like tummy time. At this time, your baby may lift herself into a position mimicking a push-up. With strength, she can go to a rollover. Usually, rolling over starts in three to four months, but flipping back and forth takes until five months old to master since it requires more strength and coordination.

Sitting Up

Your baby can sit with assistance at about six months old. But when she reaches her eighth month, she gains enough balance, arm strength, head and neck control, and control of her lower body. She can now sit up on her own.

Remember that she won’t be able to sit up for a long time during the first days of her eighth month. She needs practice to be able to sit alone. Let her try new things and balance her body on her own so that she can strengthen her muscles further.


Baby buing guided by his dad

The first baby steps of an infant happen between nine months and one year. By the time they reach 15 months old, they are expected to be walking already.

Baby milestones are important signs of whether your child is developing on time. They are essential. Doctors can see and assess if your baby is developing normally through these baby milestones.

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