Setting a Focal Point: Sectional Sofas for Every Homeowner

Living room with a sectional sofa

Living room with a sectional sofa

People have been using sectional sofas for a long time, but these seats have become more popular in recent years. Homeowners have realized how versatile these couches are, as they fit into family and living rooms. They bring a luxurious feel to any room and can work as either a centerpiece or a supporting furniture. The term “sectional sofa” is derived from traditional furniture that customers bought to assemble for themselves.

Thanks to interior design trends in Utah and the rest of the world, the term has evolved even to encompass furniture that comes ready. Many modern sectional sofas today are built permanently attached. However, some types are sold half attached to make it possible to expand later. In general, sectional sofas have a 90-degree angle but different configurations. They include:

The stationary sectional

This sofa style is the most common. It is also the most affordable of all options and is typically sold in sets. Often, this seat can fit three cushions and has one arm. It comes joined with a settee or a love seat. Sometimes, one arm is missing to make it possible to attach the sofa to another divan. As the sofa’s sections come bolted together, you have to remove the bolts if you will add new parts.

The motion sectional

These types of sectional sofas were derived from reclining chairs. They often come with reclining backs and footrests. Many stores will stock these seats with the reclining functions. That way, you get to try out the different positions to decide one that works for you. Even though these seats are a bit expensive, they are comfortable and allow you to experiment with features that serve different purposes. For example, a motion sectional can work well in a game room and be adjusted for viewing in a television room.

The home theater sectional

Luxury home theater with sectional sofa

This type of sofa is the latest style in the field. It combines the mobility features of the sectional sofa with features that imitate the seating in a theater. You can expand this seat at will, all you need is to attach more seats. Home theater sofas look like oversize chairs. They are similar to seats found in the first class cabins of a plane. They tend to have large armrests and headrests, and will often include additional features like cup holders.

To use a sectional sofa as part of your interior design, you have to decide what look you are going for. You want the seat to be the centerpiece in the living room. After placing it, other elements of the décor can be added to complement the seat. The second reason you should start with the seat first is to know if its size is relative to the size of your room.

If any décor is going to stand out, it must factor in symmetry. The sofa establishes the center of the room and allows anybody to work from there. Often, there will be three pieces of the sectional sofa in a place that looks coordinated. There is also likely to be matching tables and footstools to make a set. However, it is possible to deviate from the norm and still have an elegant living room.

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