Dine & Design: How Your Restaurant’s Interiors Affect Customer Satisfaction

empty evening restaurant interior

empty evening restaurant interiorThere’s more to a restaurant than treats for the taste buds. Every restaurant owner should also consider their establishment’s overall look and ambiance as these are important factors in the total culinary experience.

Ensuring a great experience for your diners will typically result in positive feedback that contributes to the success of your restaurant. Factors such as the aesthetic feel of your restaurant and a comfortable environment all enhance your customers’ dining pleasure.

The Need to Be “Instagrammable”

Social media, particularly Instagram has become a free yet powerful marketing tool for many sectors, including the food and beverage industry. Even a cursory scroll through Instagram accounts online will reveal that food and food-related photos are in the spotlight. Thus, the need for a restaurant to be photo-friendly is a rising trend brought on by the demands of the smartphone generation. A visually interesting dining setting, complete with eye-catching fixtures and unique items, is likely to show up on social media, giving your brand extra marketing mileage.

In Los Angeles, sign companies offer custom neon signs that can instantly spruce up an otherwise plain and boring wall in your restaurant. Murals, hanging plants, and contemporary art on walls also make for great Instagram backgrounds and can be integrated into the interior or exterior of your restaurant. Themed restaurants, with their quirky elements, are also becoming all the rage on social media.

Lighting Can Establish Your Restaurant’s Ambience

modern Amsterdam's restaurant with open kitchenAmbient lighting is making it big this year, not just in the restaurant industry. Muted and soft yet clean lighting has become a go-to style for restaurant owners and interior designers, alike, as this helps gets diners in the right mood. This style of lighting is also helpful for taking photos, eliminating the need for the camera’s flash while still providing the area with sufficient light. Be careful not to use harsh lighting that may cast shadows over diners’ faces – this will neither look good in photos, nor will it stimulate your customers’ appetites.

Colors Unconsciously Affect Customer Behavior

Studies show that colors make a great impact on the way customers make decisions on their choice of food and how much money they are going to spend in your restaurant. Different colors have different effects on a diner’s feelings about their dining experience.

In the design sense, walls painted in light colors, especially white, help make your quaint restaurant appear bigger. Homey colors such as beige, brown, and green evoke a welcoming feel, helping customers to relax and be at ease. There’s a reason that shades of red, orange, and yellow are popular among fast food chains and restaurants. This is because these colors express a sense of excitement and can elevate people’s emotions.

The interior design of your restaurant can also improve your ROI. Investing in a place where you can deliver incredible food, excellent service, all while providing a cozy and Instagram-worthy environment will surely benefit not only your profitability but your popularity in the industry as well. And, all of that can only be good for your brand and its success.

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