Some Profitable And Enjoyable Side Hustles You Should Get Into

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In a time when economic uncertainty is prevalent, you have to strive harder to become financially stable. Fortunately, as more businesses have expanded and opened to different types of marketing, more opportunities are becoming available for diverse groups of people, especially for the ambitious and tech-savvy generation, primarily made up of millennials.

Side Hustling For Millennials

Based on a study featured in a Forbes article, one-third of the American population is working more than one job, either as a part-timer or freelancer. Of course, when the prices are going up and living is becoming more expensive, that is only an expected result, which will predictably only worsen.

Even if working two jobs isn’t something that people should glorify, something is satisfying about it, especially if you’re doing what you like and you’re saving for your future. Of course, when looking for a possible second job, you should consider something that pays well and wouldn’t take up so much of your free time as work-life balance is essential in a stressful society.

So, if you’re enjoying what you’re doing, then at least you can proudly say you are part of this generation of side hustlers. With that being said, here are some side hustles you will enjoy and give you an extra income:

1. Go and start a podcast.

Did you know that there are around 800,000 active podcasts now? If that sounds impressive to you, you should also know that you could earn between $500 to $1000 if your podcast episode gets a minimum of 10,000 downloads. You can make this income from affiliate sales, ads, and sponsorship, which should be achievable when you find your niche in the podcasting community and build traffic and a following for your channel. Just create original and interesting content, and getting your podcast to make money should be easy.

2. Start your own business and become an entrepreneur.

There are many things that you can sell if you decide to become an entrepreneur. You also have the option to sell online through social media, E-commerce, some websites, and a physical store. If you market your products enough, you can earn decent revenue from selling anything from secondhand clothes, books, real diamond hip-hop jewelry, environment-friendly items, crafts and handmade objects, and more.

All you have to do is make sure you’re selling something appealing and in demand. Once you’ve chosen your products, set up your online or offline stores, prepare your marketing strategies, and then you can watch your business take off.

3. Use your talent in writing and start a blog.

There are many freelancing websites where you can set up an account, and you would find different kinds of writing jobs from copywriting, SEO writing, and even proofreading. If you have the talent and experience, getting many writing assignments shouldn’t be challenging to meet and monetize from. While you’re at it, you could also consider starting your own blog. Doing this could generate passive income as you build up some following and have more affiliate companies and businesses advertising their products and services on your blog.


4. Share your talents and knowledge by teaching.

Since many classes had to go online due to the lockdowns, many students still prefer online classes to in-person learning even if schools have already reopened. You could take advantage of this trend by signing up for several online teaching platforms and teach whatever skill you have — it can be English, French, art, music, and many more. You could earn as much as $30 per hour just by teaching your skills to willing learners.

5. Hang out and take care of pets while their humans are away.

Many pets have gotten used to their humans being at home most of the time during the lockdowns. But now that many businesses have resumed their operations in the offices, many pets are going through some separation anxieties. This part is where you could come in and work as a pet sitter to make sure no pets are left sad and anxious while their humans are at work or on vacation elsewhere. It doesn’t sound that difficult, right?

Knowing your options for side hustles can be beneficial as it gives you an idea of what kind of a second job you would want to do and how much you can earn from each. If you think none of these jobs listed here suit your needs and experience, you could always search for more as there are plenty of choices out there, especially if you’re skilled and tech-savvy.

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