Outdoor Space Design that Works All Year

outdoor gardent designSeasons change, and with each change come┬ádesign considerations for your outdoor space. It’s a safe option to keep everything under a permanent canopy, but that means you’re not taking full advantage of natural light during favorable weather.

Fortunately, there is a way to make the most of your outdoor space at any time of the year. These are some design considerations worth noting:

Retractable Shade

You get to choose from shade sails or retractable rolling awnings to protect your outdoor living area from harsh weather but still enjoy the sun if the weather is milder. They are easy to set up, especially with professional help, and they are durable enough to withstand seasonal changes. They are also not obstructive, so you can enjoy an outdoor meal without feeling cooped up.

Fabric Patterns and Colors

One of the worries when designing the outdoor living area is that sun exposure causes fading of furniture. Even if you do have a shading option in place, its fabric may still be compromised. To minimize fading concerns, designers recommend lighter shades, as fading will not be easily noticeable. Bold hues, such as orange, yellow, and apple green, paired with off-white instantly make the area look more stylish. If you want a classic look, you can never go wrong with nautical stripes.

Ergonomic Furniture

You have the retractable awning protecting the family from sun, hail, or rain. You got fabrics that do not fade easily. Your furniture should be of high quality, too. Nothing beats stain-resistant and moisture resistant fabrics, but more importantly, they should not be too bulky in case you need to pack them up to minimize damage during a severe storm. You will enjoy spending time outdoors if you know that the upkeep of the space is not costing you too much.

There is no way to get around seasonal changes, but that doesn’t mean you can only enjoy your outdoor space during one season. Be wise in planning the design to make the most of your space.

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