Five Must-Try Local Dishes When in Singapore

Singapore food LaksaTravelling to Singapore is never complete without having a taste of their popular local dishes. While this small city-state offers a tour of the world with the dishes inspired by both East and West, these five local dishes are a must-try for every tourist. For may food lovers, gourmands and restaurant food reviewers, Singapore’s cuisine is a musr-see and a must-taste.

Chicken Rice

Featuring rice cooked with spices, chicken stock, and pandan leaves as well as chicken blanched in chicken stock, this dish is a staple in Singapore. Many stalls in Singapore’s hawker centres offer this dish which originated from Hainan, China.

Roti Prata

Often referred to as the “Asian croissant”, a roti prata is a popular food from South India. This dish is made of flour-based dough stretched thin and fried on a metal pan. Variants often include eggs, cheese, and chocolate. This breakfast staple is often served with chicken or fish curry on the side.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is is a Malaysian dish that is also popular in Singapore. Grab some Nasi Lemak when you’re going about the city. The dish is composed of rice cooked in coconut milk with different side dishes, ranging from anchovies, omelette, cucumber, and the signature Malay and Singapore chilli paste, called sambal.

Kaya Toast

Many Singaporeans go for some kaya toast and egg in the morning. This toasted bread is sliced across and slathered generously with kaya, a jam made of coconut, egg, and sugar. Pair this with a cup of coffee, and you’ll be good to go.

Chilli or Pepper Crab

Singaporeans love their seafood, and their favourite is chilli pepper crab. This dish is often in two variants: black pepper sauce or spicy chilli sauce.

You’ll never go hungry with the food culture thriving in this country. If you’re the adventurous type, you can taste cuisine from all parts of the world in one island-state: Singapore.

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