Not Your Ordinary Footwear: Special Shoes that Give You a Leg Up


Shoes are essential accessories, not only for protecting our feet but also to improve our mobility. It all depends on the task we plan to do; customised footwear is now vital for specialised tasks and activities. These four shoes, however, take functionality and innovation to the next level and will shape not only the way you walk but also the way you live your life.

Therapy Footwear

These shoes harness your body’s biomechanics and correct the alignment of your walking posture. They support your body while walking and could relieve the pain and stress in your ankles. Footwear devices like those from Apostherapy are used for treating knee osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain. These shoes can be used by patients who have issues with an incorrect gait and suffer from pain in their knees, backs, feet, and hips.

Satellite Monitoring Shoes

Whether to track people with Alzheimer’s disease or troop locations in battle, satellite monitoring shoes have been important innovations. GPS-equipped shoes are great for the elderly who are still mobile but might find difficulty in returning home. They are also useful for children who go to school. They can provide the immediate location of these people, in case of emergencies or possible crime. These shoes are also helpful to the police, the military, hikers, and adventure seekers. More recent versions have features, such as a button that could contact the police in case of an emergency.

However, GPS-equipped shoes can still have issues. These shoes work by monitoring the distance between the shoes and the ground, and if the GPS is a few inches off the ground, it could be a problem. Manufacturers have found a way to resolve this. They placed the equipment under the heels of the shoe, ensuring that the equipment is closest to the ground.

Toning Shoes


Several shoe giants in recent years have released footwear that they say can tone legs and thighs. Most of these shoes are designed with a certain degree of instability and curvature to help the user’s muscles work extra hard to shape the muscles. Some of the toning shoes are designed with rounded soles to help improve circulation in your lower body, while others are equipped with massaging gel inserts for shock-absorbing features. Other toning shoes also incorporate soft wedges to simulate walking on a sandy surface or a mini balance board to include ab toning while walking.

Electric Wheeled Shoes

You might think roller skates are a thing of the past, and that rollerblades are on the way out. But people still want speed even if they’re only on their feet, so some manufacturers have created shoes equipped with electric-powered wheels to fill the market. These shoes can boost your walking speed by up to seven miles per hour. Newer versions also offer self-balancing stability, so there is no training required to use these shoes.

Footwear has been vital in the march of civillisation and progress. Whether it was the leather sandals of the Roman soldiers or the heavy leather spiked boots of Sir Edmund Hillary when he conquered Mount Everest, these accessories have help humanity conquer countries and new worlds in the name of progress.

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