No Waiting for Replacement Teeth

Dental teeth model and dental tools

Dental teeth model and dental tools

Being without teeth, even just for a few days, can be excruciatingly embarrassing. Having gaps, especially if they are at the front of the mouth, can make people refuse to leave the house and interact with the world. That’s why, when it comes to getting dental implants in Melbourne, being able to get crowns fitted on the same day as the implants go in is an increasingly popular option.

Known as same day teeth, this treatment option for dental implants n Melbourne is available from various good implant clinics, such as High Dental Implants.

Why no teeth?

The reasons why people may not get crowns fitted on the same day as they get their implants put in is that the jawbone needs time to integrate with the dental implants. It can take 2-6 months for the process of osseointegration to complete.

During this time, the jawbone reacts with the titanium, which is highly biocompatible. The jawbone grows new bone tissue all over the surface of the implant. By the end of this process, the implant has become one with the jawbone and is held so securely in place that it can chew and bite through even the toughest of steaks and chewiest of toffees.

However, at the beginning, people need to be very careful what they eat, sticking at first to a liquid diet (for a week or so) and then only eating soft foods until they get the go-ahead from their dentist to move onto more challenging foods.

Same day teeth

With same day teeth dental implants in Melbourne, patients get crowns fitted at the same time as the dental implants go in. They never have to spend a day with gaps in their smile. The crowns are temporary, and often made of acrylic. Although they look realistic, they will be replaced by porcelain crowns when the implants have integrated with the jawbone.

Up until that time, the patient needs to be really careful about what they eat and not assume steak is back on the menu. Eating challenging foods too soon can seriously compromise the osseointegration process. Always listen to the implant surgeon and follow the post-operative instructions to the letter. Steak can wait.

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