Business Cards Matter: What Type Is the Best for You?

business woman giving business card to a man

business woman giving business card to a manBusiness cards are not just for networking and keeping a convenient copy of a company’s contact details. Many industries have long realised the advertising and marketing potential of these cards. That is why companies have long been developing business cards that are a perfect representation of their products and services.

There are different types of cards that can bring across your message to both your existing and potential customers. They come in simple plain cards or with rounded corners. Some do customise cards with unique die-cut features while some go for Z fold business card printing.

Here are the common types of business cards that you can choose from:

Standard Card

This is the simplest type of business card, which is rectangular and has square-angled corners. The basic size is 3.5”x2” and printing companies offer this at a standard price. It is easy to print and design so this type of business card is the most affordable option for many. Its simplicity has a lot to say about the professionalism, dedication and reliability of a business. Standard-style business cards are the best option for companies looking to print a large number of affordable cards.

Rounded Corners

This type of business card is a slight variation from the standard model. Once the card is printed, the die cutter is used to create rounded corners and give the card a different shape. Doing this can give the business card a softer touch compared to the standard design. This costs a little higher but the rounded corners give it a touch of personality, so it is worth it. When putting together details for the card, keep the rounded corner design in mind so that the information will not be accidentally cut off.

Fold-Over Cards

Companies wanting to include more information in their business cards can opt for fold-over cards. These are usually sized at 3.5”x4” so there is twice as much space as the regular-sized standard card. Fold-over cards can be creatively explored with company details and additional information. You can also design it with die-cut features and customised to suit the kind of products and services you offer. Best of all, you can use different kinds of materials and textures for a more elegant and elite look.

Recycled Cards

Closeup portrait of two successful business executive exchanging business cardThis type of business card is best suited for companies joining the “green” movement. These cards are made with post-consumer waste paper and recycled to look as amazing as the regular paper cards. Choosing this recycled option gives a good feeling that the company is doing its share of helping the environment while still using quality papers. You can print recycled paper business cards with full coloured details of simple black and white.

Other types of business cards that you can also explore are the portfolio and die-cut cards. Your company can easily choose among these designs and customise it. You can create your business cards with rounded corners or die-cut designs or make them into fold-over cards, whichever suits the needs of your company.

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