Men in Fiction: Are Suits Indispensable?

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Dressing sharp transforms any man from a scruffy-looking slacker into a man of stature. A man in a suit exudes an aura of confidence or power, which affects his overall character. Of course, he only gets one chance to make a lasting impression, so a man should make it count!

In fiction, several characters stand out due to their sharp outfits and slick ways. This article presents the characters who made wearing suits like a second skin.

Mr. “Legendary”

For Barney “Legendary” Stinson, suiting up means projecting the “Alpha Male” persona. Because of his unfortunate and sudden breakup with his former girlfriend, Shannon, he took it upon himself to change himself with a suit.

Barney equates wearing men’s suits from NYC to power. Power over women, to be exact. He has suits for every occasion, such as pin-striped suits, black “power suits,” and navy blue suits. As he always says, “You want to be as awesome as me? Suit up!” Actor Neil Patrick Harris played Barney Stinson on the hit comedy series “How I Met Your Mother.”

Agent Galahad

Agent Harry “Galahad” Hart believes that proper manners and a suit maketh men. For him, a business suit is the modern man’s armor, just like the knights of old. A real gentleman would take time to pick an outfit and have it fitted properly, thanks to the Kingsman Tailor Shop.

An off-the-rack suit doesn’t cut it since a kosher suit is vital to a man’s character. Only high-quality fabrics and neutral palettes are acceptable as suits. Accessorize it with a pair of Oxfords completes the overall look. A well-pieced suit makes a man, despite his stature in life. Actor Colin Firth played agent Galahad in the movie, “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”

man wearing a suit and tie

Mister Morningstar

Lucifer S. Morningstar believes in three things: luxury, desire, and a trim suit. Being the designated Governor of the Underworld for eons, Mister Morningstar hates men who wear tacky clothing. For him, the devil is always in the details but refrains from wearing Prada.

Lucifer prefers to wear his suits casually and likes darker palettes, which are in line with his taste. As the owner and operator of LUX, he always has to look dapper for his patrons who want him to fulfill their secret desires. Actor Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar on the hit crime procedural series, “Lucifer.”

Stanley “The Mask” Ipkiss

A perfect example of how a suit can transform a man (literally!) is Stanley Ipkiss. A nice guy who always finishes last was imbued with powers and a crisp canary suit, thanks to the “God of Mischief’s” wooden mask. Wearing the mask and a suit gave him the confidence to ask Tina Carlye out on a date and put his former tormentors in their place. Actor Jim Carrey played Stanley Ipkiss on the comic book film, “The Mask.”

If you want to be taken seriously, wear a suit. If you want to impress the woman you desire, wear a suit. If you want to achieve legendary status, wear a suit. Be treated differently by wearing a timeless classic.

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