How to Prevent and Cope with Hair Loss

Hair loss

Many people in different parts of the world are struggling with hair loss. Hair loss can be mild or severe, depending on the cause and several other factors. Most people don’t know that it is possible to prevent or treat hair loss. If you are losing hair, the good news is that you can prevent further loss and apply different techniques to restore your hair. Here is how to deal with hair loss and damage:

Avoid Hairstyles that Strain Your Hairline

If you always plait your hair, you should avoid hairstyles that pull your hairline. Once you undo the hairstyle, you are likely to have less hair on your hairline. If you love braids, ponytails, or cornrows, it is advisable to avoid plaiting delicate strands on the hairline. You can take care of them with hair gel.

Use Gentle Shampoos

You should avoid using harsh shampoos. Some chemicals used to make shampoos can contribute to hair loss. Thus, if you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, try using gentle shampoos with fewer chemicals.

Massage Your Scalp with Essential Oils

Your scalp needs to be as moisturized as your skin. Moisturizing prevents your scalp from drying, which often causes hair loss. Massaging your scalp keeps your hair follicles active and promotes hair growth.

Add Thickness

If you have lost a lot of hair, you can choose to add thickness using hair-building fibers. The special fibers are made of keratin protein that is found in human hair. The fibers intertwine with your natural hair giving it a thicker and fuller look.

Minimize Use of Heat Tools

Heat usually breaks the bonds between hair strands, causing fall out. Therefore, it is crucial to minimize the use of heat tools; instead, air-dry it as often as possible. If you must use the heat tools, use low heat. You can also consider applying heat-protective creams before using the tools to minimize hair damage.

man fixing his hairReduce the Use of Chemicals

It is not a secret that some people love bleaching and lightening hair. However, you need to reduce the use of chemicals to prevent hair damage. Also, reduce the use of relaxers because most of them have potentially harmful chemicals. You can consult professionals for guidance when choosing hair care products.

Read the ingredients used to manufacture various hair products and choose only the recommended ones. Increase the use of products with organic ingredients and avoid those with a high percentage of chemicals.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating healthy meals also helps prevent hair loss or damage. Your plate should have foods that are rich in iron, vitamins, zinc, and proteins. Also, you should take vitamin A, B, C, and D supplements and biotin because they promote hair growth.

Overall, hair loss or damage is a common problem that affects many people worldwide. But don’t worry if your hair is thinning. You can solve the problem or at least reduce the impact of hair loss. The pointers in this guide are useful in fighting hair loss.

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