How to Manage Frequent Body Pain

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Pain is associated with a lot of different categories depending on the reason behind it. Pain is caused by physical injury, excessive stress, after a surgical procedure, and many medical ailments like arthritis, migraine. You may experience pain with severity ranging from a one to a ten in the worst cases. Sometimes minor physical pain can be occult or a hidden reason of some underlying cause. But as much as we despite the pain, it is actually a defense mechanism of our body that protects our body by giving an alarm.

Excess of anything can cause pain and sometimes harm, be it exercise or using mobile phones. Your body detects pain through the receptors that transfer the message through nerve endings.

Here are some ways you can manage pain, they range from physical methods to chemical means:

Physical Methods

1. Heat And Ice Packs.

These gel packs are a personal favorite of a lot of people since they are easy to use and come with no hassle. The main benefit of these gel packs is that they can be heated as well as frozen. The cold packs are used to reduce swelling while the heat packs are used to ease up joint and muscle aches.

2. Physical Therapies Or Exercises.

If you have a history of chronic pain or if you frequently experience pain from excessive workload, then you should add stretching, yoga, or walking in your daily regime. When you will put your muscles to better use daily, the cause of your pain will eradicate naturally and gradually.

3. Cupping Therapy.

Though this a very ancient practice, cupping has become a trend again. Heated cups are placed over your skin which increases blood flow to the cupped area, relieving stress and pain in those muscles. Online cupping therapy kits are now easily available, and if you follow the instructions properly, it can be a useful at-home method to manage pain.

4. Massages

You should prefer doing a massage only when the pain is in soft tissues or the injury is to the soft tissues. You should always consider getting a massage from a masseuse or someone at home who has the correct knowledge of doing it, as excessive pressure can cause tissue injury.

5. Meditation

As much effective as yoga is, meditation holds an equally important value. Since you now know that pain sensation is transcribed through nerve endings, calming your nervous system will surely help reduce pain. When you meditate, your body gets in a state of well-being, a happy place you can call it. That state of calmness distracts your body from the worries or injuries that might be causing the pain.


Chemical Means

You should never take medicines without a proper prescription from a doctor, but a few medicines like paracetamol can be taken in case of acute pain. Nonetheless, here are a few medicines that help ease out the pain.

1. Paracetamol

Suitable to take for acute or pain that is present for a short time. Some people use it to ease up menstrual cramps or generalized body pain.

2. Aspirin

You can take aspirin to ease up pain caused by fever or mild injuries. It can also help ease out period pain or cramps due to some other reasons.


These are a category of medicine that are non-steroidal and include medicines like ibuprofen. NSAIDs are helpful in reducing pain due to some swelling or inflammation.

Pain can be handled using the proper physical means but if you rely on medications, then your body may become immune to the drug and will have no further reaction to that particular medicine. So you never take any medicine in excess otherwise in cases where the medicine will be severely needed to help you ease out the pain, you will face difficulty in managing that pain.

Pain also has a great tendency of increasing and decreasing in relation to your brain. There are behavior therapies now available that help you distract your mind from that particular sensation by talking your brain out of it. Proper counselors are available for the task.

There are times when your body gets tired of dealing with pain daily and you tend to get exhausted. In these situations, you should focus on your day-to-day activities, managing them in a way that your workload does not increase, or getting help when you can’t manage all on your own, all these can help you manage your pain. The most common thing that can help you ease out chronic pain is to find out the real reason behind it!

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