Kid-friendly Attractions to Try in and Around Tunbridge Wells

If you are visiting Tunbridge Wells anytime in the future with your family, it’s important to know what kind of activities you can do there. Travelling with kids is no easy feat. You have to be constantly moving to prevent them from getting bored. But you also have to take rests and stops along the way because they may get too tired and cranky. You have to think about what they’ll enjoy—from food to attractions—more than what you want to see and experience.

While there are lots of restaurants in Tunbridge Wells that you need to try if you’re going for the first time, restaurant hopping may not be something that the kids will enjoy. Do your research first before departing for the town so that you can fix your itinerary according to the kids’ nap time.

Spa Valley Railway

The steam train will take the whole family on a journey back in time. You will travel through the beautiful countryside of Kent and Sussex. There is a program specifically created with families in mind. It will be nice to show your kids how a steam train works. Even you might not have any idea how it works anymore, so this will be a learning experience for you both.

Penshurst Place and Gardens

During the early 16th century, the estate was used the hunting lodge for King Henry VIII. It is also believed that the king used it to court Anne Boleyn. Many film and TV productions have been filmed here, so it will be nice to get a feel of the whole estate. It welcomes visitors from April to the end of October. Visitors can marvel at the medieval designs and the public footpaths that lead to the gardens. There is also a Maize Maze—a maze made up of maize crop—that the kids will surely enjoy.

Tunbridge Wells

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Mystery Treasure Trail

Kids as young as four years old will get a feel of what’s it’s like to be a detective with the Mystery Treasure Trail. All you need to do is to download the trail, and it will be your guide through the town. The answers to the clues will be hidden throughout the town—in nooks, signposts, statues, and many more. The kids can join other kids in this 2.5-mile trail that will take you through the picturesque Pantiles to the Wellington Rocks.

Grosvenor Park

This large park is suitable for babies zero to three months up to older children nine to 12 years old. It is the town’s oldest public park. It still contains some of the original features such as the lakes, dripping wells, and grottoes. This is an outdoor playground with the classic slide and climb fare. There are also facilities for football and basketball for the older kids.

If you want to have a picnic, Grosvenor Park is also the perfect place for it. There are lots of green spaces for picnics and for playing Frisbee and other outdoor activities. Just make sure that the weather’s perfect before you plan for an afternoon in the park.

There are plenty of things to do in and around Tunbridge Wells. Doing your research ahead of time will enable you to fix your itinerary accordingly. If you want your kids to enjoy the town, prioritise activities that cater to them.

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