How to Make the Most Out of Your First Solo Business Trip

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People travel for many reasons. But if your reason for travelling is related to your business, then it can be costly and nerve-wracking. Still, there are things you can do to make the most out of your travel—even if this is your first time going on a solo business trip.

Before you hop on your plane, consider the amount of time you have during the trip and your budget. Aside from buying your ticket and booking your accommodation, here are some tips that can help you prepare for your first business-related travel alone.

Do your homework

Since you’ll be alone for the business trip, make sure that you do your research on the country or state you’re heading to. Know their culture, dress codes, and the dos and don’ts. This won’t only allow you to prepare on what to bring and how to behave, but it can also help you make a good impression for taking the time to learn about the country.

Book your flight and hotel accommodation

Way ahead of time, make sure to book your flight and hotel accommodation early. For example, you’re heading to Singapore. Booking your flight and accommodation in a Changi Airport hotel early will allow you to pick the best time that will match your schedule and the best room available on your arrival.

Draft your itinerary

Learn how to maximise your time. Aside from your main reason for the trip, plan how you can fill up the slots between business meetings. If you have enough time left after completing your main agenda, find time to relax, meet new people, and learn more about what the country has to offer. Just because this is a business trip doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to enjoy and have fun.

Prepare your travel essentials

Now that you’ve got your flight and hotel reservation ready, it’s time to prepare and pack your essentials. Check what the weather forecast will be on your travel dates and pack your suitcase accordingly. Don’t forget your business attire as well as your needed documents, gadgets, pen, and notepad and just about anything you might need to fulfil your business travel goals. Bring enough business cards as you’ll never know when you’ll make a connection with a potential partner or client.

Download essential travel apps

There are tons of apps that you can take advantage of when travelling for business. Some you can use to help you keep track of your spending, plan your itinerary, and even share and sign documents on the go. Concur, CircleBack, Yelp, TripIt, and DocuSign are some of the best apps to download when travelling for business.

Deal with possible jet lag

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Jet lag is literally a pain in the head. It can make you less productive and ruin the first few hours of your trip. Manage jet lag by drinking lots of water and indulging in a protein-rich meal before working. Make sure to adjust your watch according to the time zone of the country you’re visiting even before take-off. Try to adjust your activities according to the new time zone, and don’t forget to exercise.

Being prepared is that best way to enjoy and make the most out of your business trip. Make sure to do the necessary preparations so that you won’t need to cram and forget the essential details of your trip.

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