The Importance of First Aid Training in Schools

First Aid Training

Children stay at school for several hours a day, which means there’s always a possibility of an accident. In such cases, a staff or teacher trained in first aid is crucial.

Parents should entrust schools not only for education but also the safety of their children. Children, especially those in kindergarten, are delicate. Therefore, schools need to have extra care and have their staff trained in first aid. If you still could not see the importance, then these reasons may convince you.

Accidents Happen

If adults get into accidents despite their mature thoughts and movements, all the more that children will. At school, children face many situations where accidents can happen. According to, children who are of school age undergo developmental bursts that have a way of affecting their motor skills. Because of these, children are prone to suffer from an injury.

Every Second Counts

Do you believe that when a child gets into an accident, the difference between saving a life and losing it is a matter of seconds? Yes, that’s right. Take for instance swimming classes. Can you imagine what happens if a child suffers from cramps in the middle of the pool? Now, what if the instructor was not trained in CPR or first aid in Melbourne? The outcome can be disastrous. Applying CPR just moments after the incident can mean saving the child’s life.

Prevents Worse Injury

Receiving immediate treatment improve the child’s condition. One example is curing an infection. According to MedicineNet, delaying the treatment can worsen the wound infection. This means that without anybody around to immediately apply first aid puts the student’s condition at risk.

First aid knowledge is essential for any institution. The presence of a properly trained staff or a teacher not only ensures immediate treatment it also puts your child from harm’s way.

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