How to Prepare for a Newborn Photoshoot

Most people say that becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts in life. And once you finally become one, you'll find that it's true. What is a better way to preserve these early memories than a newborn photoshoot?

Newborns grow rapidly during the first few months of their life. That said, it's best to capture these great moments and commemorate them through beautiful pictures. In Melbourne's eastern suburbs, baby photography sessions are easy to come by so you should book even before you give birth. But if you don't know what to expect from a newborn photoshoot, here are some important things you need to know:


Prepare for the photoshoot

Newborns are difficult to take care of, especially in the first few days of their life when you haven't gotten the hang of their habits yet. That said, it's best to preempt your child's needs before a photoshoot. Feed them, bathe them, and as much as possible, have the session overlap with your baby's sleeping time. Photoshoots are much easier when the newborn is in a deep sleep, so try keeping them awake for an hour or two before the session. 


Baby in their crib

If you are joining your baby for the photoshoot, take note of the following tips:

  • Be in your photo-ready self upon arrival at the studio
  • Remove all jewelry
  • Plan your outfit ahead
  • Bring extra clothes
  • Don't wear nail polish or a spray tan

Manage your expectations

Every baby is different and not all photoshoots will have the same result. Photographing newborns requires skill and patience, and it is a process that will involve crying, pooping, and peeing in between shots. Your baby will take the lead when posing, and the photographer cannot force poses. Therefore, there's no guarantee that a certain picture can be replicated by your photographer. Still, you need to make sure your photographer has an idea of what result you want. 


You can bring your own props if you want. A newborn photographer will have some of their own, but you are free to bring some if you like. However, avoid bringing costumes or clothes that the baby will need to change into and out of during the session. Props, accessories, or clothes should be easy to add or remove. 


Don't stress out during the shoot

Most parents worry during newborn photoshoots, almost always if it's a first time for them. Here's what you need to remember: Newborn photographers are professionals. Your baby is in safe hands. If they poop, that's normal, too. It's not advisable to helicopter over the baby and the photographers. 


Mother and baby sleeping

If you can't help stressing out, you can leave the room during the photoshoot and do something else. Most sessions take about two to four hours to complete, so you can use this time to take a rest or run errands. The more quiet and relaxed the atmosphere is, the shorter the photoshoot will be.


Newborn photoshoots can create beautiful images to treasure forever. Hopefully, this guide gave you a clear idea of what to expect during your first session.

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