How To Connect With Your Customers And Gain Their Loyalty

Brand loyalty can be complicated. If you think it is enough for your business to deliver and produce excellent products for your brand to prosper and gain loyal customers, think again. Most customers regard businesses according to their experience. Did they feel good when they used your product? Did they have an easy time trying to contact your after-sales representatives? How your customers felt in those critical times can tell if they will stay or go running to the next option.

How can you ensure that the communication lines between you and your clients are always available?

1. Install a PBX system.

Government institutions that must never experience downtime across their communication channels rely on efficient PBX systems for government agencies. You can also use the same system to ensure business continuity and open communication lines with clients and customers.

A PBX system allows multi-channel communications between the different departments in your business, and you can also use that with your customers. If you have a website, instead of simply listing down your phone numbers, you can have a “Call Now” button, which customers can click. The call will be redirected to your customer service representatives, giving your customers a hassle-free way to reach you.

A virtual PBX system will also allow your customer service representatives to cater to customer concerns remotely. Even during lockdowns, you can ensure that your customers receive the assistance that they need. You can have agents who work remotely to cater to calls, reducing waiting times and dropped calls.

2. Go social.

Almost everyone is on social media nowadays. For instance, there are more than 1 billion people on Facebook and Instagram all over the world. If your business is not yet on social media, you should be. Facebook can be your new customer service tool. Effective CSR does not just respond to phone calls. They now also cater to other non-voice communications as well.

It is easier for you to reach your customers through social media, and it is also true vice versa. Big businesses also leverage on expanding their social networks, reaching more prospective customers than with traditional marketing. They are using social media to establish brand awareness, advertise, and to monitor visitor activity. On top of that, they use social media to give easy access to customer support.

Customers take their rants and problems online. With the help of third-party monitoring tools, you can reach these customers and help them with their questions. An engaging Facebook business page, social media monitoring tool, and Facebook Messenger can help you respond to customer queries and complaints faster and more efficiently.

3. Make use of email.

While email can be viewed as old-fashioned compared to social media, it is still one of the safest and most reliable means to communicate with your customers. Email is a medium that has never disappeared and is still used by billions to communicate. When reaching customers, your email is more likely to be seen and read than a Facebook post. There is also something personal about an email that makes it more meaningful. You can send vouchers and discount codes to your customers’ email safely and securely.

Customers who do not want the hassle of picking up the phone to complain might also send you an email. One of the advantages of sending complaints and queries over email is that your customers can send you pictures and videos, making the problem clearer and more understandable to the support agent. The support agent can also send over documents, such as user manuals and even video guides, that the customer might need.

4. Be proactive.

Do not wait for a customer to complain about a problem. Instead of spamming their inboxes with marketing campaigns, why not send surveys and follow through with their purchase. For example, a customer just signed up for a plan from a streaming service platform. Days following the plan activation, the streaming company can send a thank-you email to the new subscriber with a short survey on his experience.

Is he having difficulty setting up his account in his devices? Does he like a certain genre of movies? Does he know about the latest additions to the list of movies that he can stream? It’s a thoughtful way of showing customers that you care, but it also lets you get ahead of possible issues.

5. Treat your customers like VIPs.

customer service representative

A customer that feels valued will stay. Show them that you are listening to their problems and that you only want them to have the best and superior experience with your brand. Give freebies, discounts, and even rebates to customers who have been with you for years. They are the best ambassadors that you have, and it will be wise to ensure their satisfaction and happiness with your brand.

Your role does not end once your customers make the purchase. Showing your customers that you care for their experience through excellent after-sales service can build loyalty to your brand and business.

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