Fun Things to Do on Video Conferences with Friends

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The pandemic has made it harder to spend time together, and this can be very difficult for anyone’s mental health during a time when togetherness can feel more needed than ever. Thankfully, there are now digital ways to hang out while safely staying distanced from one another, so that no one feels truly alone even when they are. That said, it can sometimes happen where you plan a video call and once you’ve exhausted topics that were already in chat, it’s about figuring what you can do during the call to make things more fun. Here are some things you can try that still feel like the “old normal”:

Have a drink-tasting party

If you and your friends can all buy some of the same drinks, there’s no reason you can’t have a good time having a drink-tasting session like old times. You can select traditional wine or even go for some craft beers. Figuring out the best Citra hops taste can be a fun time debating and getting a little drink in the system. If you’re not feeling alcoholic, you can do a variation of this with different sodas with all the flavors they come out with these days.

Play some party games

Charades and the like don’t require you to be in the same room. That is as long as the cameras are on. These days, there are even digital party boxes like Jackbox that offer various party games that you all can play and are very interactive despite being remote from each other. You all get to see one screen and see your answers up together, just as you would during a physical board game session.

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Do a watch party

You can stream a video together, and it can feel like you’re just having some friends over to watch movies or binge a show on the couch. There are various platforms out there that let you do this, like Netflix Party, Rave, and more. Plus, even if you don’t all have the extensions or apps to do this, you can also designate one person to stream the video using a platform like Zoom or Discord.

Attend a virtual event together

Who says you can’t go to a concert or convention together from the safety of your own home? There are a ton of virtual events being held nowadays that you can get tickets to, so you can still bond over a common interest with your friends and talk with each other as you enjoy different performers, speakers, and activities online.

Do a challenge

Sometimes, it’s as simple as challenging each other to who can chug down a glass of milk the fastest, who can hold a handstand the longest, or trying to capture who can go without blinking for a while. It doesn’t take much prep, and the fun is limited by your creativity and competitiveness (keeping safety in mind, obviously.)

Reports have shown that the pandemic has caused a higher prevalence in stress, anxiety, and depression, so now more than ever, it’s good to take the time to have some fun and spend time with friends and family, even if just through the screen.

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