How Often Do You Move from Home to Another?

Residential Area in Sydney

Different studies have shown why Australians tend to relocate from one place to another, whether to find greener pastures or simply out of boredom. Mental Health Recovery Institute Founder Pedro Diaz explained that people generally want a better life by searching for a new home, similar to when you quit your job to look for a better-paying one.

Greener Grass

If you relocate frequently, chances are you will do so for an average of 13 times in your lifetime like many other Australians, according to a 2016 Origin Energy Study. A separate Roy Morgan research showed that 40.7% of people had been living at the same address for more than 10 years, while 24% had stayed in a certain area for less than two years.

Your marital status also determines your frequency for switching places. Single people tend to have a more mobile lifestyle. In other cases, being wealthy is often a good enough reason for those that want to live in a new house.

Trophy Homes

Sydney remains one of the best residential markets in the world, as evidenced by the number of housing transactions in the city by local and offshore buyers. The city’s geographical location mainly served as a selling point, as it is in close proximity to financial centres in Asia.

You’ll need to be prepared whether you plan to move in the city or in surrounding areas like Bondi Junction. Locksmith and professional moving services, for instance, will come in handy by the time you reach a decision.

Before you decide to pack up and search for a new home, prepare yourself for the impact of such change to your lifestyle. If you have a family, the reason for your decision should be carefully weighed in favor of the advantages of moving into a new place.

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