How Much Should You Spend in Minneapolis for Designing a Backyard?

Landscaped garden with flowers

Landscaped garden with flowers

The minimum cost of a standard backyard design plan in Minneapolis may cost at least $1,542 for a standard design plan, but there are several DIY ways that allow you to save money on materials and professional labor.

Some of these ways include going to different garden centers in MN, where you can consult experts about tips for first-time landscaping projects. Take note that most homeowners in Minneapolis spend almost $7,300 for a typical backyard design that usually has intricate features such as koi pond, brick paver patios and retaining walls.

Why You Can Just Hire an Expert

You may not want to splurge on redesigning the backyard but having expert advice will be useful. The average price for a backyard design in the city greatly depends on the size of your property. However, smaller areas can still incur huge expenses if you don’t plan your budget. That’s when a landscaping expert comes in to help you with a decision.

Do you really need a koi pond or retaining walls? A professional will be more experienced and skilled to know the answer. If you live in a flood-prone area, it’s a good enough reason to seek expert advice and services to create a landscaping design that can limit water damage. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, flooding remains the top natural disaster in the country as evidenced by over $3 billion of insurance claims every year.

Invest in Certain Plants

You can prevent or reduce the impact of backyard flooding by having a rain garden, which can divert the direction of water to a specific spot. Rain gardens can also hold water within 24 hours during heavy rainfall. Try to plant one near the basement or porch but keep it at least 10 feet away from the foundation.

Choose plants that can thrive in the city weather such as varieties with deep roots and a high tolerance for moisture. You should put these plants in the center of rain gardens, while different types should be along the edges for handling quick drainage.

Other Flood-Control Techniques

Zen garden in backyard

Aside from native plants, avoid choosing ones with roots that grow above the soil. You can also build a swale to slow down the flow of water, store and spread it to the intended spots. A natural ditch or slope on your backyard is often a good choice for a residential swale.

Add rocks on the lowest part and plants with the deepest roots along the slopes. Remember that swales only divert water. Your end goal should involve redirecting the water into a dry well or rain garden.

Some homeowners in Minneapolis even spend up to $13,000 for designing their backyards. You don’t have to spend a lot on landscaping, although keep in mind that your budget will often reflect the project’s quality. While you can try to ask for different quotes from at least three contractors, the rates in the city are mostly the same as other service providers in other areas of Hennepin County.

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