Freelance Jobs You Can Do from Home

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When the Coronavirus pandemic hit early this year, industries worldwide had to shut down or virtualize their operations to prevent the spread of the virus. In the process, many people were laid off or required to work from home. This has led to a rise in working freelance or contract jobs where workers are allowed flexibility in both their hours and workload.

Even though vaccines for COVID-19 are now on their way to worldwide distribution, experts predict that the freelance trend will linger for some time. And thanks to platforms such as Fiverr, TaskRabbit, and UpWork, finding work as a freelancer can be easy. If you’re out of a job or want to make extra income on top of your current one, here’s a list of jobs you can do and train for without having to leave home.

Personal trainer or fitness coach

If you have a natural interest in fitness and wellness, this is the job for you. Because the pandemic is a worldwide health issue, people have been taking extra care of their health now more than ever. As gyms have had to close down, fitness instructors have been conducting their sessions via video calls. If you don’t have the training or credentials to qualify you, you can also get them online. There are online training courses for different kinds of fitness regimens, whether you want to specialize in yoga, pilates, or kettlebell training.


Writing has always been one of the most popular freelance jobs because you can easily work on it from home. If you lack the training or education, there are plenty of online writing classes to choose from. Put together a portfolio that features the different kinds of writing you can do. Most employers will also ask you to do a writing test to make sure you’re suited to the kind of material they want from you. You can also work as an editor or proofreader.

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This should be an in-demand job right now, as many students have difficulty learning through online platforms. A tutor needs a high school diploma or GED, though some employers may ask for certification. Depending on the employer and the subjects you’ll be teaching, you might also need formal training in education.


This is a good gig if you’ve got a good ear and a fast typing speed. In general, a transcriptionist listens to an audio file and transcribes what happens and what is said. There are many training courses for transcription online. These will prepare you for transcription in different fields, be it general, medical, or legal. However, before you jump in, note that there are some key pieces of equipment you will need. You will need transcription software, a headset, and a foot pedal for rewinding and fast-forwarding through audio files with ease. You will also need a stable internet connection.

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Virtual assistant

This is a versatile job option because there are many different fields you can work in. You’re very likely to find a job as a virtual assistant because the skills required of you will depend on who you’ll be assisting. For instance, if you chose to work as a social media assistant, you’d need to be adept at using social media platforms and tools.

You might also be required to create content such as captions, tweets, and graphics consistent with the brand you’re promoting. Working as a virtual assistant is also a good way to boost your resume for the field you want to work in. For example, being a social media assistant will equip you with the skills to work in marketing.

Whether you’re looking to work full-time as a freelancer or want to earn extra on the side, there are many freelance jobs you can do from the comfort of your home. The best part is that if you don’t have the certification or training yet, you can also acquire them while at home. Freelance work is a great way to develop skills in other fields and boost your resume.

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