The Impact of Video Marketing on Modern Businesses

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It’s something we’ve been hearing for some time: video marketing is the new king of content. In fact, statistics don’t lie: today, about 80% of Internet traffic moves around video, especially thanks to platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, which means that businesses that are intelligently taking advantage of this trend, are making huge profits in terms of:

  • Return on investment
  • Increase in their sales

So, whether you want to create video content on your own or hire professional business video production services, in this article we’re going to show you what are the benefits of video marketing, and what you should take into account to take your first steps with this tool.

Advantages of video content for your business

It helps you increase the sales of your business

Including videos on your website can increase the conversion rate up to 80% and in addition, 74% of users say that it was a video that helped them in their purchase decision.

The video makes people better remember your brand image. Sight is our most dominant sense and our brain works with images; this means that people who watch videos have up to 95% chances of remembering your brand image better than other audiences.

Video works great on portable devices

Today, the main device for consuming content is the Smartphone, thanks to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Video. In fact, about 60% of video content is consumed through mobile devices and thanks to modern technology, the quality remains at a good level among the different platforms available.

The market and the new technologies demand video content

The future of video is Streaming and Virtual Reality. Streaming is already being exploited and it’s very popular among young audiences, but virtual reality is about to make Boom! In fact, big tech companies are starting to take advantage of this trend.

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How to create videos that engage audiences

1. Offer them something that attracts their attention

We love stories, right? One of the best tactics to grab your audience’s attention is to start your video with something like, “let me tell you a story.”

Of course, the “story” must be immediately related to what you want to offer to your target audience. This works like a magnet.

2. Let them know that they have a problem or need

Many times people don’t know that they want or need a product or service until you put it in front of them and show them that they need it. So, emphasize this aspect before taking the next step…

3. Show that you have the solution to their problem or need

This is where you present your product — of course, in an interesting and original way — and show that it’s the best product in its category compared to the competition. Always make emphasis on the unique and positive characteristics of your product/service.

4. Test, repeat, test, repeat …

A good idea is that you first create several short versions of your video to release to your audience; in this way you can see which version is the best to achieve your marketing goals.

When you’re clear about what is the most appropriate version, work to improve it and repeat the process.

Creating audiovisual content for the Web on your own may require some time, preparation, and resources, but once you gain momentum, the results are spectacular. However, if you don’t have the time or tools to do it yourself, you can always turn to video production services to obtain great results.

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