First Thing’s First: Here’s What to Do After Getting Engaged

newly engaged couple

Out of the happy high of your engagement comes the inevitable question: now what? And the answer to this is — you have a wedding to plan. The first steps you’ll take after saying yes can help in making the wedding planning a little more tolerable.

Here’s what you should do after slipping on that lovely engagement ring:

1. Share the news.

The important thing here is to make the sharing of the news with close family members personal. You don’t want to let them know only through the ring selfie you posted on Instagram. Call them up, or video chat with them (they’ll definitely ask what the ring looks like!).

In most instances, aunts and uncles would suggest people to reach out to help you in the wedding planning. They might just give you a trip the next day to barn venues for weddings in Minnesota and you might just tick off a big detail in your wedding prep to-do list.

2. Get insurance.

This might be the last thing on your mind while enjoying this happy relationship milestone, but this could save you from unnecessary headaches down the road. You don’t want to add another layer of stress to wedding planning later when you realize you’ve lost the ring.

If your fiancé already has purchased a policy, know what exactly it covers. If not, secure an appraisal and start looking for a policy provider. You should ask your provider their terms for repairs and replacement, whether or not you can choose who repairs, how you can prove that a ring is lost, and so on.

3. Establish the budget.

After getting engaged, something magical happens: you’ll see everything through the perspective of your upcoming wedding. For instance, you would want that ombré dress in the boutique shop at the corner of the street for your bridesmaids or those fairy lights at your friends’ party at your reception.

Again, the first things you do after getting engaged would make an impact on your wedding planning. So make it count, but of course, don’t forget to have fun.

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