Bring Back the Scares this Halloween

Make Halloweens Scary AgainMinnesota Halloweens used to be times of frights and chills before the state took a turn into dressing up as the latest cartoon characters and sexy nurses. Political correctness also added its two cents and now Halloween is considered less fun than ever.

However, you can still indulge in scary activities if you know where to look. Here are three activities that can make Halloween scary again:

Haunted Hayrides

Have a seat and let the scares begin. Trying a haunted hayride in Minnesota can be one of the scariest experiences you can have. These attractions provide a sense of authenticity in their scares because of the freedom of an outdoor setting. The limited field of vision, the darkness, and the ambient sounds raise your adrenaline levels and heightens the sense of danger. You also won’t get tired of walking and riding in a wagon, which ensures that accidents due to sudden scares are minimal.

Zombie Gatherings

Run from zombies, eat with zombies, or become one: Zombie events are numerous, but they remain scary. Zombie runs will leave you out of breath as you run a course with zombies appearing sporadically to eat your brain (not literally, though). A zombie street party features Halloween-themed establishments catering to their "zombie" customers. You can come as you are (as food), but it’s good to participate and dress up as a zombie.

Ghost Tours

Tell ghost stories while having dinner in a dark cellar or take a walk inside a haunted mansion that was originally an asylum. Ghost tours can be fun and scary. Discover a little bit of history; not everything is true, but the stories are entertaining.

Halloween is a time to have fun, let loose, and get some scares. Forget about problems, politics, and divisions — the real scary stuff — and have some fun with your friends and family.

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