Figuring Out Compatibility Between Dogs for Pet Sitting

siberian husky puppies

Pet owners who travel a lot, often find that they cannot afford pet kennels. Plus, dogs are less likely to receive the care and love they are used to getting in these facilities. Pet boarding is a viable alternative and finding an adept dog sitter will provide personalised care and safety.

People who want to keep building their bankroll, should opt for a London dog sitter such as My Pet Your Pet, a highly personalised pet matching platform that allows pet owners to care for each other pets when needed for free.

How is it possible to know if two dogs are compatible with each other?

Some dog breeds are more willing to accept other dogs no matter what, whereas some dogs can be hostile from the outset. An experienced London dog sitter will consider these factors via careful profiling provided by an informed and updated pet matching platform. In general, it is important to remember that different canines exhibit different characteristics depending on the scenario they are facing, therefore safety and well-being should always be addressed in advance.

Pet owners are invited to have their dogs meet in advance, even if they appear to be compatible with each other. Size is an important factor to consider, since larger dogs can unintentionally harm smaller dogs. Size differences between dogs can work, but careful supervision and care is required on the part of the London dog sitter.

Safety tips

Pet matching platforms take safety very seriously and only allow the registration of microchipped and registered pets. Dog owners should observe how the pet sitter interacts with their dog by letting them go for a walk or watching them handling their dog. This is the best time for dog owners to ask specific questions and provide more information about the habits of their pet. Dog owners should ensure that the dog sitter has numbers for the pet’s vet in case of an emergency.

Last but not least, a dog sitter’s personality is equally important as dogs are affected by an owner’s personality. Some dogs may need someone with a soothing energy, whereas others do better with a more active person.

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