Experience Educational Fun with These Attractions in Singapore

Kids playing at a field

Kid-friendly tourist attractions create venues combining education with fun and entertainment. The use of technology and interactive media has made it possible for kids to learn and discover new things while having an enjoyable time.

Singapore has its own share of kid-friendly attractions that are not only educational but also entertaining.

Multi-Sensory Storytelling

A ticket to the Wings of Time in Sentosa will take you to a multi-sensory presentation of a magical and heartwarming story. The show is set against the backdrop of an open sea and told through a breathtaking display of colourful lights, majestic sounds and amazing pyrotechnics.

Kids will enjoy following the story of Shahbaz, a mystical pre-historic bird and his friends Rachel and Felix. Both the characters and the audience will discover true friendship and courage through this magical outdoor show.

Getting Nostalgic with Toys

Opened to the public in May 2006, the MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys) Museum of Toys is the world’s first purpose-built museum for toys. It has over 50,000 pieces of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia from over 40 countries including Singapore, Germany, Japan and Bulgaria.

With creative and unique displays, the MINT Museum of Toys aims to teach kids about the history, artistry and evolution of toys from various decades. Visitors of all ages will learn about how these toys are more than just dolls and trinkets but also a reflection of culture and historical events.

When Nature Meets Technology

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay continues to amaze both locals and tourists with its convergence of technology and nature. This convergence is evident in the construction of the Supertrees, which are the first thing that welcomes every visitor to the Gardens.

The Supertrees are funnel-shaped canopies of steel branches resting on towering steel and concrete trunks. The design of each tree, towering between 25 to 50 metres, took inspirations from the Karri trees of Australia and the magical flora of the animated film Princess Mononoke.

More than just man-made structures, the Supertrees serve as vertical gardens for aerial plants like orchids, ferns and flowering vines. Some Supertrees even harvest solar energy by having photovoltaic cells embedded into their canopies.

With these attractions, you can experience an enjoyable time in Singapore while discovering new marvels and gaining new insights. Consider adding these places to your educational and play itinerary.

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