Business Is Booming: Businesses That Grew Despite the Ongoing Pandemic


The pandemic and other global crises have pushed many businesses to the verge of losing their income. Consequently, many had to shut down temporarily for several months, and the economic uncertainty was the nail in the coffin as other companies had to close permanently.

When the government lifted the restrictions and businesses were allowed to reopen, many companies still struggled to earn enough to make up for the months of lockdown. These businesses barely making ends meet were prevalent in recent months. While it is very disheartening news, some companies were unexpectedly booming and making money despite the global crises.

The Thriving Businesses During the New Normal

cosmetic surgery

Many experts expected some businesses like online shops, delivery services, online classes, and healthcare to grow during the pandemic, so it wasn’t a surprise when they did. But some businesses that were making revenue even if there was an ongoing pandemic were quite surprising. Here are those businesses and an explanation as to why they boomed in recent months:

1. Home Renovation

Some people might argue that the home renovation industry growth during the pandemic isn’t that surprising. But if you think about it, it wasn’t something everyone expected too. Of course, people need something to do during all the free time they suddenly had from being forced to stay home, but for everyone to suddenly decide to renovate their houses is not a natural outcome of a pandemic.

People suddenly became more interested in renovating their houses because they’re now spending most of their time at home. People started becoming handy, crafty, and creative, probably out of boredom or that the repairs that their houses needed became impossible to ignore anymore.

2. Gardening

The lockdowns have encouraged many people to try different activities and hobbies to distract them from bleak worldwide events. Some renovated their house, which also caused many to become interested in gardening. It became a common scenario for people to be shopping for gardening supplies and grow some fruit and vegetables or try their hand at landscaping in their backyards. Some even took this newfound hobby to the next level by taking a wood chipper training course for arborists and started careers or side jobs as tree surgeons.

Some experts say that people suddenly becoming interested in gardening is a consequence of them renovating their houses. More people became interested in making their spaces become greener and finally make use of their backyards. Of course, these activities are beneficial as they positively impact homeowners’ overall health and the environment.

3. Cosmetic Surgeries

Probably the most unexpected business that is booming in this list is cosmetic and plastic surgeries. So if you’re going to meet up with some of your friends after a long time of not seeing them, you might not even recognize some of them if they went under the knife. Based on data that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released, cosmetic surgeons performed a total of 352,555 rhinoplasty or nose-reshaping procedures in 2020. Botox was also in demand as it is a minimally invasive procedure. Surgeons performed around 4.4 Botox injections in the same year.

Getting plastic surgery isn’t new, but the industry doing so many procedures while there is an ongoing pandemic and other global crises don’t match up. But experts believe that this is the trend as more people have more time to recover after a cosmetic procedure since most are at home during the lockdowns.

They also concluded that more people became more conscious of the shapes of their faces and other features while spending so much time in front of their computers during Zoom calls. While the image you see on your computer screen isn’t entirely accurate as it tends to distort your features, many people still feel the need to go through a procedure to make themselves feel more confident.

While many people still criticize getting plastic surgery procedures, many have become more open-minded to it. So if you feel like you need to do some operations and have the money, then go ahead. As long as it will make you happy and confident about yourself, then you do you.

Of course, other businesses continued thriving despite the pandemic, economic uncertainties, and other global crises happening all at once. Hopefully, the others will also succeed and grow more as things look better as health and government agencies make vaccines more accessible to the public. It might be a long shot, but if some businesses survive, others can do the same.

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