Addressing Rat and Mouse Infestation Effectively and Sustainably

Rat in a corner of a houseIn this brief but informative article, we will give you great ideas on how to remove rodents from your property and keep them from coming back. Most of the time, homeowners are defeated by rodents in their own homes due to lack of accurate information. It is time to remedy that.

Rat vs Mouse

Rats and mice are nocturnal and thrive in various challenging environments, but yes, there are key differences. A rodent with large ears and a pointed and triangular snout is a mouse. A rat’s snout is blunter than that of a mouse. A rat’s tail is long, scaly and without much hair, but the tail of a mouse is thinner and usually hairy. If you see a small brown or gray rodent scurrying around, that is a mouse. A rat may have similar coloring, but it is usually heavy and can measure as long as 40 cm. Experts in residential pest control in Caguas will know whether you are dealing with mice or rats. You can help them by being more observant of the species of rodents living in your property.

What Rodents Eat

Removing food sources is a key element in a sustainable and effective long-term pest control strategy. Rodents are omnivorous and find equal enjoyment in eating leftovers, fruits, and grains as with cardboard boxes, and electrical insulation. They do not discriminate, but if some options are available, they prefer carbohydrate-rich foods.

Taking Precautions with Rodenticide

Using bait to deal with a rodent problem is a typical first line of defense. Rat poison must be handled responsibly because they are lethal to rodents and other mammals, including human beings. The main action of rodenticides is to affect internal bleeding, this killing the animal from within.

A hungry rodent might start eating its tail. Preventing access to potential food sources should be your priority. Therefore, if you are keen on preventing a major rodent infestation, you will keep food sources from rodent access, and take precautions when using store-bought rat poison.

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