3 Ways to Build a Vibrant Community in Your Coworking Space

Community in a coworking space

Coworking spaces thrive ultimately because of one thing: the community. But a dynamic and vibrant community doesn’t happen automatically. You need to make it happen. Here are some tips you can apply to create an exciting community that professionals and entrepreneurs would want to be a part of:

Hold seminars

Professional talks or seminars are not just learning events; they present networking opportunities for the members. So, let your members mingle with each other in these types of events. Just make sure to design your program in such a way that there will be maximum interaction among participants. You may dedicate breakout group sessions at the end of a talk or plan an icebreaker where people can exchange business cards.

This could also be a marketing tactic if your coworking franchise business is just starting out. You can attract ideal members and establish your credibility in the community by hosting events.

Organise accountability groups

The hallmark of a well-connected community is mutual support. When people feel that they can rely on someone or a group of people, they become more empowered as individuals. This is important for the typical audience of co-working spaces: start-ups that need that confidence boost during shaky times, digital nomads who need occasional checking and reminders on their projects, or freelancers who crave for sources of inspiration.

So, create that atmosphere of mutual support by having accountability groups. The concept is simple: Members will be assigned to groups that meet regularly to share projects they’re working on which they want to be accountable for.

Host social gatherings

All work and no play makes for a dull coworking environment. The professionals you are catering to are looking for ways to unwind and mingle with people outside their fields. So, instead of letting them hang out at the nearby bar, why not keep the fun in your space? Host an open mic, a movie night, or a quiz show once a week. This will create a vibe of camaraderie as your members bond over food, songs or trivia.

Remember that the success of your coworking space lies on the community you build. So, invest in empowering the people that use your space and prepare to grow with them.

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