A Barn: The Newest Best Venue for a Unique Wedding Experience

Newly weds hugging in a wooden barn

Holding a wedding and reception in a barn is a popular trend due to the quaint and unique location, as well as for the Instagram-worthy picturesque setting.

This trend has become very popular in the past ten years or so, and nowadays there are barns, which have been converted to events places to accommodate the demand. Barn wedding and reception venues fuel the imagination allowing for variations to theme and motif.

The Colours

A wedding is a memorable occasion for the couple and their guests. To make it even more memorable, a barn wedding can fit the couple’s colour scheme and motif. More than any other kind of venue, a barn serves as a blank slate for the wedding planners to play with.

The countryside is a natural setting for neutral tones and earthy hues. There are greens and browns, in the fields. An early evening wedding can be scheduled to coincide with the sunset. Silhouette pictures against the rustic backdrop are lifelong images which are hard to forget.

The natural wood colours and lines of a barn provide an excellent background for picture taking. Selfies taken by guests would show the barn’s signature and character, with wooden beams supporting a high ceiling, and complete with old chandeliers.

No Rules

The rules for a formal wedding can stretch to take advantage of the venue. Considering that the big wedding shots are in the middle of a wheat field, or with farm animals grazing in the distance, there are almost no rules when it comes to barn weddings.

The guests can dress in their best fancy dresses and coats with hats. Women can be in more comfortable shoes, flats or sneakers instead of stilettos.

The use of a dance floor platform is an option, along with the wooden floor or even sawdust on the floor. Bundles of hay can serve as seats during the ceremony as well as during the dance.

Barn weddings have become a popular choice for many reasons — one of them that they give the couple a unique experience. It also gives them a wide range of options ranging from the barn décor to the wedding pictures.

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