10 Industries That are Performing Well in the Pandemic

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COVID-19 came unexpectedly and shocked the heck out of all of us. We’ve never faced anything like it, ever. It is more than just a physical health crisis. More than the over 1 5,000 cases and 2.5 million deaths, we’ve also seen numerous people suffer from mental health issues. And on top of that, it also brought with it one of the worst financial crises we’ve seen in recent history.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has reported that at the height of the pandemic:

  • 1 out of 7 American adults with kids living in the U.S. did not have sufficient food at home;
  • 1 out of 6 renters had trouble catching up on rent payments;
  • 1 out of 3 adults experienced difficulties in keeping up with the usual household expenses.

Several placement agencies and employment verification service providers can give you accurate numbers of the unemployment rates in the U.S. due to industries ceasing operations and shutting down; some temporarily, others permanently.

However, despite these figures, several industries still thrived despite the ongoing global crisis. We have listed down some of the industries that are doing really well amid the pandemic.

10 Thriving Industries during COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Healthcare Workers
Before we get to everything else on the list, we need to give props to all the doctors, nurses, emergency responders, and all other healthcare frontline workers that have worked tirelessly this past year in the fight against COVID-19. From providing care to COVID-positive patients to testing people and administering vaccines, their work is never finished and the demand for more medical and healthcare practitioners will continue to soar.

2. Home Health Providers
Even before the pandemic took place, there has already been a steady increase in the demand for health providers who go to people’s homes to provide assistance to the families of those who are disabled, ill, cognitive-impaired, and the aged. With COVID-19 restricting people’s movements nowadays, the demand for in-home healthcare is growing even more.

3. Behavioral Health Providers
As mentioned earlier, the pandemic is not only a threat to people’s physical health, but it also did plenty of damage to a person’s mental health. For this reason, the need for behavioral and mental health providers became clear a few weeks into the lockdown season.

4. Telehealth Services
With social distancing protocols implemented by the WHO and the federal and local governments, medical consultations have shifted from physical appointments to telehealth services. This was done to prevent patients from getting exposed to the virus and contracting the disease in their commute to the clinic, hospital, or community health center.

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5. Tech Companies
Technology plays a very big role in keeping the world’s economies alive today. Since physical distancing has been put in place and most of the workforces around the world are stuck at home, tech companies have provided businesses with ways on keeping their operations alive by allowing them to take their business online.

6. Delivery Services
Since the onset of the lockdown season, delivery services have seen a significant increase in the demand for their services. Most people who were stuck at home resorted to using delivery services providers for their online purchases, food deliveries, and even sending important packages to different locations.

7. Cleaning Services
Given that cleanliness and sanitation are the primary ways of keeping the dreaded coronavirus at bay, cleaners have been in high demand to help sanitize workplaces and other public spaces. Businesses hire their services to ensure that their establishments are safe for their employees and customers.

8. Tutoring Services
With folks stuck at home and kids under online or distance learning programs, the need for online tutors also spiked. However, the services these online tutors provided weren’t limited to academic subjects like Math and Science. While private tutors helped kids keep up academically, other tutors who specialize in extracurricular subjects, like arts and music, also made their services available.

9. Fitness Equipment Companies
With gyms and fitness clubs closed and stay-at-home guidelines are in place, people had nowhere to go for their workouts and exercises. Most health buffs and gym-goers decided to convert an area in their homes into home gyms and bought fitness equipment online to help them stay in shape and keep fit throughout the pandemic.

10. Groceries
Since public dining places aren’t fully operational yet and some have pivoted their businesses, people have stacked up on food supplies as almost everyone started preparing meals and eating at home. Both supermarkets and neighborhood groceries have played very important roles in meeting this demand.

Regardless of the situation we’re in, human beings will find ways to adapt. We’re resilient like that. The above list proves that even if some industries are faring a lot better than others at this time, the human spirit and resiliency can cope with life’s different challenges and make us come out stronger than ever.

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