Wellness Beyond Workouts: Why You Should Take Care of Your Skin Too

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted last March 2020, people who have been wanting to improve their overall wellness have resorted to virtual workouts and fitness classes. Coronavirus restrictions affected indoor gyms so gym-goers didn’t have any other choice except to attend virtual fitness and wellness classes. There’s also the option of customized fitness programs for limited in-person interaction.

The most popular workouts of 2020 included lunchtime fitness sessions. Virtual gym-goers have already processed their breakfast at this time of the day so it’s easier for them to participate in high-intensity workouts. These lunchtime sessions also help attendees regain energy and focus for the rest of the day.

This year’s workouts are relatively calmer than previous trends. Many people signed up for yoga to decrease pandemic-related stress and anxiety. It’s arguably the most popular digital workout this year.

Wellness goes beyond physical fitness and mental clarity, though. Some people might argue that it’s a strictly feminine thing, but skin care should be part of everyone’s wellness routine. Your skin is your biggest organ, after all, and you have to take care of it as well as you take care of your mind and body.

What’s the importance of skin care?

Men who have already established a skin care routine or a set of personal grooming products that best suits them might ask questions concerning things like a good skin tightening procedure or how Thermage works.

But if it’s unfamiliar territory, the first question is most likely, “What’s in it for me?”

These are the different ways skin care is beneficial for men:

  • Good skin affects your self-image. It makes you more confident about how you look.
  • Good skin gives you a boost of confidence. It results in a better disposition overall.
  • Maintaining good skin is a way of practicing good hygiene. It also prevents skin issues.

These benefits align with the self-confidence gained from working out and the clarity gained from doing yoga or meditation. It further backs up the fact that overall wellness should also include skincare.

How do you get started with skin care?

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It’s understandable why many men balk at the thought of skin care. With trends like the 10-step Korean skin care routine that claims to make your skin look as good as the skin of the BTS boys, it just seems like too much work. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, though. You just need to remember three things.

  • First, wash your face with water in the morning and with soap at night.
  • Second, use an antioxidant serum after shaving to reduce skin damage.
  • Third, use a daytime moisturizer with SPF to prevent wrinkles and age spots.

You may also opt to use a lightweight, unscented moisturizer at night if your skin feels particularly dry.

How do I choose the right skin care products?

Here’s a straightforward guide to buying the right skincare products: know your skin type, forget about gender, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different products.

Observe whether your skin is dry and flaky, sensitive and oily, or a mixture of both. Skin care products are typically labeled based on skin types. And while you’re looking at the products on the shelves, keep in mind that these products are unisex regardless of their packaging. If your concern is the product’s scent, look for a fragrance-free option.

Finally, remember that it’s a trial-and-error process. You just have to be patient and observant. If you suspect that a product is causing irritation, then switch it out with another product. ;

It would also be beneficial to consult a dermatologist to help you find the right products for your specific skin type and concerns.

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