Why You Should Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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dental service

When you are already 19 years old and still have your wisdom teeth, it’s perhaps time to visit an orthodontist and ask them if your teeth need to be extracted. Now there are a variety of reasons you wouldn’t want to visit an ortho-dental lab to have your wisdom teeth removed. One particular reason is that you don’t like the pain of having your teeth extracted.

But if you’re nearing 20 years old and you still have some wisdom teeth, you should really have an orthodontist look at them and possibly remove them because they can lead to severe problems in the future. If you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons you should have your wisdom teeth removed:

Impacted teeth

If you don’t have your wisdom teeth removed, they can become impacted, which means that they won’t break through your gums. This can cause more problems for you. Impacted teeth can become painful in time because they’re growing so far back into your mouth that they can cause pressure on your jawbone or gums. Also, if the impacted teeth do break out of your gums but only partially, a thin layer of gum tissue can grow over it, which can trap food underneath leading to infection. Not only will your gums be infected, but they can also swell and be painful.

Pushing against your other teeth

Another reason why you should have your wisdom teeth removed is that they can grow at a weird angle and push against the other molars at the back. If your wisdom teeth grow at a vertical angle, they can collide with your molars at the back and push them off-center. Not only will you have to remove your wisdom teeth, but you will have to wear braces to fix your crooked molars.


painful tooth

Since most wisdom teeth that haven’t come out are at the back of your mouth, it’s harder to clean them with your toothbrush. It’s more likely that your wisdom teeth will develop cavities, which can be painful and even make your breath smell bad. So get rid of those wisdom teeth right away.

Damage to the jaw

Keeping your wisdom teeth can lead to severe problems for your mouth because these teeth that you cannot clean properly can develop cysts that can damage your jaw. The cysts that form around your wisdom teeth can burrow through your jawbone and damage some of the nerves there. This could lead to more problems.

It gets harder to remove them once you age

Any dentist or orthodontist would recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed while you’re still young. When you grow older, it will be harder to remove them. As you grow older, your healing process slows down, unlike when you’re younger. This is the reason orthodontists think that it’s better to remove your wisdom teeth when you’re still young. Also, when you’re younger, the roots and bones of your teeth are softer. It’s easier to cut through them.

Do not delay your visit to the dental clinic if you are 19 or 20 years old and still have your wisdom teeth. Go to your orthodontist and have your wisdom teeth removed right away. You’ll heal quickly, and the rest of your teeth will grow properly.

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