Where Personal Injury Can Become Even Worse

A driver gets rear-ended and injures their neck. The other driver was clearly at fault. Big payout, right? Not quite. Despite those flashy billboards bragging about gigantic paydays, there’s much more to the story – especially if you live in Florida, but more on that in a minute.

Those ads from personal injury attorneys don’t tell you that those high-paying wins are their best cases. Think of it this way: ads that say “save up to 50%” don’t promise that the savings are guaranteed to be 50%.

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It’s likely somewhere on the lower end. With personal injury, several factors have to line up perfectly for there to be any payday at all.

First, someone else has to be explicitly to blame for the injury. Then, the vehicle (if it’s an auto accident) has to be severely damaged. Third, the injured person sought medical attention right after the incident – even then, the medical bills must be high. The other driver has to have bodily injury liability insurance. That, or the injured person needs uninsured motorist insurance. Lastly, the insurance company involved must be one of the more reputable ones – like Nationwide.

Even after that, the pay may still be low. In the case of Florida, a no-fault state, the injury case likely won’t pay at all unless the injury is something permanent. It doesn’t help that many Florida drivers either have no insurance – or have the minimum needed to be considered insured. Now you know! Stay safe out there.


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