What to Do Outdoors Once the Quarantine Eases

A person fly fishing in a river with a fly in the foreground

Among the many cons of staying at home during quarantine, doing outdoor activities is one that many people miss. Until the risk of infection and transmission of the disease is completely gone, no one can really enjoy the outdoors as much. In the meantime, everyone’s dreaming of the day they again breathe the free air.

But just because you can’t do them now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about these activities. On the contrary, planning for them now will just make the experience all that sweeter when you’re finally able to do them.

Here are a few of the activities you may want to think about:


Right off the bat, this is the most outdoorsy activity you can do. Spending a couple of days in the wilderness offers a feeling of surreal adventure you can seldom get anywhere else. Surrounding yourself with trees with the sound of birds and cicadas never too far away is just too much to pass up.

Even if you’re not the nature-loving type, camping is a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of civilization. You can even try glamping tents so you wouldn’t have to miss a thing from your home.


The act of pole fishing has a certain serenity to it that only those who have tried it can understand. It’s more than waiting for a nibble. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself or your companion over one of the oldest activities in history. There’s also that appeal of having something fresh for dinner. And even if you don’t get any bites, the experience itself is a catch.


Humans were meant to be explorers. Especially now when all these lockdowns are in place, people want to regain the sense of adventure that trudging through hills and mountains can give you. Going off the grid can do wonders for your well-being. Imagine a day without depressing news stories, demanding work emails, and scary social media feeds. Up there, all you need to think about is taking it one step at a time.


Now, for something a little more thrilling. If you live within a reasonable distance to the sea, chances are, there will be surfing shops that will let you rent out boards. They also often offer beginners lessons. Here’s an Outside Online article that can help you out. If you’re already a pro, then all you have to do is hit the waves. Who’d have thought being at the mercy of tall waves would be so much fun?


Taking it down a couple of notches again, here’s something the whole family can enjoy. Go out to a nearby park or reservation and set up a picnic groundsheet. Don’t forget to take the kids and even the dog. Everyone will surely enjoy this break from the confines of the home. Take it a step further by coming up with games you can all play.

Tree Planting

Volunteers tree planting

If you’re spending time in nature, you might as well do nature a favor. Take all your friends and start your own tree-planting initiative. If that sounds like a little too much work, here’s the OneTree Planted website where you and your party can volunteer to join tree planting missions. Enjoy!

We know you’re itching to go out now, but do your part first to flatten the curve, then you can do everything on this list once the situation gets better.

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