What Makes You More Appealing to a Romantic Partner According to Science?

Date in a fine dining restaurant

Date in a fine dining restaurant

If you are on the lookout for a new relationship, you will find that there are a number of factors that seem to determine how much attention you are getting. When we look for romantic partners, we tend to look for certain specific traits. Having these traits will make you more attractive and appealing to potential romantic partners. These traits usually signify that you are a stable and reliable person. Knowing what they are will help you work on yourself. Here, we discuss what these traits might be, based on scientific research. Some of them will surprise you.

Having a well-developed circle of friends

When you are looking for a partner and vice versa, you will automatically gravitate toward one who has a secure social standing. This is because in nature, social brownie points count as a valuable resource. If someone has a well-connected network of friends, this means that they are more likely to get support in raising their family and rearing children.

We still have this primitive instinct, and we value people who have social capital. Showing that you have an active social life will convey the message that you have strong communication skills. It will make you appear more approachable as well. Being outgoing can be a sign of confidence, so always make sure to appear friendly and outgoing.

Being like their previous partner

Surprisingly, you are more likely to be attracted to someone who seems to be like your previous partner. This could be bad news and good news. The bad news is that this means that you may keep finding yourself in the same negative situations that got in the way of your old relationship. You might be attracting the same type of people, as they are into people like you. The good news is that you may have learned valuable skills in dealing with people of a certain type. You will know how to communicate with them, and you can build yourself up to be a better version over time.

But if you find yourself getting stuck in similar situations, you may need some help in breaking out of the mold. A reliable matchmaker in London that is expert in finding the right partner for people will be able to help you diversify your choices.

Being funny

Romantic dinner

Studies show that laughter might be the secret ingredient you are missing when you go on a date. Dates where the couple can laugh together are more likely to result in a long-term, serious relationship. So knowing how to make your partner laugh is always going to be in your advantage. People value humor because it is a sign that the person making them laugh is social and, therefore, less likely to be a threat. This makes them an ideal partner to be with.

When it comes to attracting romantic love, physical fitness and looks are not the only factor. A lot of small details can make someone fall in love with you. Keep these in mind when you focus on improving yourself.

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