Three Factors to Consider When Buying Lanyards

blank ID card for staff, with blue lanyard

In big companies, lanyards are useful for holding IDs, phones, keys and employee badges. These essential straps are affordable and customisable to meet client specifications. Although lanyards are quite popular, choosing one that fits your organisation’s needs can be complicated. Here are a few factors to consider:

Your Company’s Identity

When picking the lanyards, you want them to blend in with the corporate identity of your business. You, have to consider the colour, graphics and print type – customise these as necessary. Talk to your lanyard designer in New Zealand to see the details that you can incorporate. If well -ade, your lanyards will not only serve as holders but also help create brand awareness.


Lanyards come in different designs and materials that affect their quality, price and durability. They can be woven, beaded, rope-like, or flat. Let your budget guide you on picking the best. Also, consider how long they will be used, so they can serve for the intended duration. Lanyards with thinly woven chords are cheaper and less durable, while those with thickly woven chords last longer.

Purchasing Options

This mostly depends on the size of your organisation. A large company has many employees. In this case, it is best to purchase in bulk. Although small companies may require smaller amounts, you can still order in bulk to save some cash. Compare what you stand to gain by getting them in bulk as opposed to getting a small order. If it makes economic sense, you should order in bulk. This way, you will have enough to last you a long while.

Branding your lanyards makes them great promotional tools. If you are buying for promotional purposes and your budget is restricted, consider getting cheap ones. If you are considering replacing old ones, go for durable lanyards that will save you money in the long term.

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