Suggestions for Corporate Cookie Preparations and Giveaways

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Showing your appreciation for your client’s patronage or your employees’ loyalty never goes out of style. In fact, if you can do it on a regular basis, the better it will be.

These people are key parts of your business; the former being the main source of your business’s income and the latter making sure that your company continues to deliver the quality of service you promised to your customers.

In case you’re thinking of a way to show them your gratitude, then there is a sweet, delicious, and different way of doing so. Keep reading for some creative ideas.

Company Colors

Just like any giveaway that your office always hands out during special occasions, your cookies are best decorated in a way that represents your business. A method of doing so is having your cookies iced with the colors of your company, which can also help with flavor variety since you may have different tastes per kind of icing.

You can even combine them all into one to make for a unique cookie treat. If you’re using packaging for your sweets, you may also order custom product labels online so you can include contact information.

Cookie Logo

With new techniques as well as innovations in baking and pastry making available today, you can also imprint an edible version of your company’s logo on your giveaway treats.

To maximize your uniqueness when you have the money for it, you can go beyond your packaging and make it even more personalized by placing your symbol on each and every piece. Your recipients are sure to appreciate the effort.

Favorite Flavors

chocolate chip cookies

If you want to score more points, you may choose to have each package tailor-fitted for each recipient with cookies made with their preferred flavor. If you’re doing this as a surprise, then you must be indirect when asking this to your staff or clientele.

For example, conduct a survey on their ideal cookie flavors, and then use the information gathered to personalize those treats. They’d be thrilled to find out that the ones they received are all tastes that they like, which makes it even more special.

Healthier Options

While it’s true that giving out treats is a great way to make someone’s day, some may be deterred from enjoying them because they are watching their health. To cater to this crowd, you can make cookies made of lighter, low-fat ingredients that still pack a punch.

You can give them to specific people if you know their preferences, or choose to have them all baked the same way. It doesn’t hurt for anyone to know that you’re looking after their health.

It is the thought that counts, as the old saying goes. No matter how expensive the whole process of making the cookies is or how impressive the packaging looks, it won’t mean as much if the expression of gratitude isn’t genuine at all. Even the smallest details count, so take your time in designing these cookies for a sweeter result.

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