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Teeth straightening treatment can change your life for the better. Having confidence in your smile affects every aspect of your life both professionally and personally. With the availability of modern braces systems, beautiful smiles in adults can be created without the awkwardness of traditional ‘train track’ style braces. One such discreet braces system for adults is available at Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge: Incognito braces. 


Incognito is a modern option for adult teeth straightening needs. It is a type of lingual brace. ‘Lingual’ comes from Latin for ‘on the side towards the tongue’. So lingual braces treatment refers to the correction of misaligned teeth by means of fixed braces that are attached to the backs of the teeth. From this position, correctly aligned teeth can be achieved without the braces being seen.

It is always important to choose experienced dental professionals for your lingual braces. Some dentists undergo further training after receiving their dental degree so that they can specialise in learning how to correct misaligned or crooked teeth using braces. This allows them to handle mild to severe cases. You may therefore want to find out whether your dentist has had this kind of training.

Can all dental alignment issues be corrected with lncognito?

The simple answer is yes. Removable dental appliances often only allow only simple, minor tooth movements, especially with adults. However with Incognito, even extreme misalignments can be corrected.

Is there an age limit?

The good news is there is no age limit. Provided your gum tissues are healthy, Incognito could be the choice for you. Many people believe that braces are only suitable for children and teenagers. Some people may think 'it's too late for me anyway’, but they can be mistaken. Even patients in their sixties have been successfully treated with Incognito.

Are they also suitable for children?

Yes they are but not until most of the permanent teeth have erupted. This ensures Incognito doesn’t align teeth that are not fully developed yet, as this can lead to future problems.

How does Incognito differ from other lingual braces options?

Incognito is the first completely individual bracket system for lingual braces. This ensures improved comfort during your treatment. They are also proven to reduce tongue irritations and speech problems.

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