Starting a Self-Care Business: 7 Products For Self-Care Enthusiasts

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With more and more people putting greater importance on their physical and mental health, self-care has become an essential part of life. People now realize that they need to take care of themselves first before they can take good care of others, which is how it should be given the societal pressure that affects almost everybody.

With that, there is no better time to start a business that gears towards self-care enthusiasts. If you want to sell things that help people take better care of their well-being, here are some product ideas you should highly consider:

  1. Aromatherapy candles

Aside from making great decorations, aromatherapy candles are a staple for self-care. Studies show that aromatherapy can have health benefits, such as relief from stress and anxiety, better sleep, fewer headaches, and relief from physical aches and pains, among many others. Hence, a lot of people turn to burning aromatherapy candles when they want to relax, meditate, as well as mask unpleasant odors in a room.

  1. Reed diffusers

Just like candles, reed diffusers are some of the perfect tools for aromatherapy. They release pleasant scents in the air to invoke feelings of relaxation and mindfulness—but without the need to supervise a candle.

Along with reed diffusers, you can also offer fragrance oils to create product sets. Bulk fragrance oil can be very inexpensive compared to when you buy retail, so they make great additions to reed diffusers without significantly raising your initial expenses.

    1. Sheet masks

Sheet masks provide an easy way to moisturize one’s skin, and people who regularly engage in self-care tend to prioritize skincare as well. Knowing this, sheet masks are also a great idea for your self-care business. You can buy them in bulk from a skincare product supplier and then sell them at a markup. However, be sure that the company you are buying from is FDA-approved; there are plenty of suppliers out there that sell fake masks.

  1. Herbal teas

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What can make a self-care session even better? A nice, steaming cup of tea without the caffeine to make you jittery. Herbal teas contain little to no caffeine and consist of organic, minimally processed ingredients. Moreover, there is a wide variety of teas to choose from, such as jasmine, sage, ginger, hibiscus, rosehip, turmeric, and more.

You can opt to buy herbal teas in bulk and resell them or buy ingredients in bulk to create your own teabags. For the latter option, you may have to secure licensing before you can sell what is essentially a handcrafted consumable. That said, you should have a sanitary workspace and proper tools if you choose to create your own blends.

  1. Bath bombs

A relaxing bubble bath is a self-care staple. And what can make a hot bath better? Bath bombs.

There are plenty of manufacturers that produce bath bombs and offer them at wholesale prices. But if you want to go on a craftier route, you can also create homemade bath bombs with baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, essential oils, and some coloring. Stuffing bath bombs with surprise items inside is also a great gimmick—in fact, many bath bomb businesses are putting various items in their products, such as jewelry, small toys, marbles, and even money.

  1. Self-care cards

Self-care cards that dictate what activity you should do incorporates an extra layer of excitement in self-care sessions. These cards can suggest activities like bubble baths, yoga, journaling, walks, mediation, and so much more. You can even design them to contain uplifting messages on the backs of the cards for that extra serotonin boost.

  1. Things that promote better sleep

Restful sleep is an essential factor in one’s well-being. Unfortunately, not everyone can fall and stay asleep easily, which leads to a host of physical and mental health issues.

To help customers achieve better sleep, you can offer sleeping aids such as:

  • Sleep masks
  • White noise machines
  • Comfortable noise-canceling headphones
  • Humidifiers
  • Sleepytime tea blends
  • Weighted blankets
  • Memory foam pillows
  • Melatonin pills

Offering a set with a combination of deep sleep products is also a great idea. Since a single solution may not be enough for some people, having multiple tools to help one sleep can make it easier to fall and stay asleep throughout the night.

There are so much more self-care products that you can consider for your business, but these, by far, are some of the most popular. If you aren’t sure which products you want to offer, it always helps to conduct a market research first on your target market, be it parents, students, people with full-time jobs, or just the general population.

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