Start Your Catering Business with These 5 Equipment

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If you’re planning to start a catering business, there are factors that you need to consider before taking the plunge. First, you should consider all the overhead costs that you will incur at the start and while you’re taking off. This means you’ll have to factor in the money you’ll spend on buying the basic catering supplies and equipment for your operations.

In addition, you must allocate a portion of your initial budget for professional catering equipment repair services since your equipment could get accidentally damaged and affect your business. Keep in mind that you should ensure smooth operations to avoid issues with your clients and to establish your business as a reliable startup.

And as mentioned, there are specific catering supplies and equipment that you must invest in so you could kickstart your foray into the catering industry.

Table settings

You should invest in a complete table setting equipment and supplies to start your catering business. For dinnerware and flatware sets, buy for at least 50 persons, assuming that you will start with mostly birthday gigs. For weddings, it could be for at least 100 persons. There’s actually no exact range on the quantity of dinnerware and cutlery sets that you should buy, but it’s better if you have some buffer.

Your dinnerware and flatware sets should include the following:

  • Plates – Plates for salad, dinner, dessert, tea, fruit, service, luncheon, and fish, among others.
  • Cups – Mug, coffee, chocolate, tea, demitasse, and the like.
  • Bowls – Soup, ramen, finger
  • Flatware (Available in 5-, 20-, 45-, and 65-piece sets) – Knife, tablespoon, teaspoon, and fork

Meanwhile, you should also invest in napkins, tablecloths, and centerpieces for a beautiful presentation. It also won’t hurt if you’ll throw in some attractive holders of pepper, sugar, and salt.

Serving materials

Make sure you’ll have ample trays, pitchers, bus tubs, and other serving materials. These are basic equipment to have, so you can quickly serve meals to your guests (if your guests didn’t go for the buffet-style) and to collect dirty dishes.

Drinks station

Whether it’s hot coffee or cold drinks, you should have everything needed to quench the thirst of your clients’ guests.

Be sure to buy some air pots, iced tubs, coffee mugs, cups, drinking glasses, and a wastebasket if you have tea, sugar, and creamer packets.

Buffet equipment

Buffet setups can be quite disorganized without proper equipment and materials. That said, invest in the following:

  • Chafing dishes
  • Sharp knife
  • Fuel cells
  • Large spoons
  • Spatulas
  • Cutting board
  • Beverage dispensers
  • Tongs
  • Dishcloths
  • Matches/lighter

These buffet equipment and supplies will make guests’ lives easier, prevent long waits in the queues, and cut down on the mess.

Off-site catering equipment

You should buy catering equipment for those gigs that you have to handle things off-site.

These should include:

  • Insulated containers
  • Garbage bags
  • Water containers/jugs
  • Bus tubs
  • Aluminum foil
  • Food containers (disposable)

With these five essential catering equipment and supplies, you should be able to get your catering venture to a great start. If you’re unsure about things, feel free to ask a contractor near you.

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