Small Business Ideas That Will Make a Profit

Smiling flower shop owner

Smiling flower shop owner

When people think of a business, they often think of fancy storefronts or massive factories. But small businesses are not that demanding. If you want to make some extra money and you’ve got some space at home, there are several businesses that you can start with a minimum amount of investment.   Here are some small business ideas that you should consider:

Florist and Herbalist

If you have a green thumb, then you already have a potential moneymaker right there. There is always a good demand for flowers. They can be used as decorations and romantic gifts. That is why growing decorative flowers in your backyard can be very profitable. Put some effort into and you will have blooms that will be ready to impress anyone.

Having a garden of flowers in your backyard also means you can grow other things. Though you could probably grow vegetables, a good money maker would be the sale of herbs and spices. These are popular for various uses. For one, herbal teas are a favorite of many people, while adding some herbs to food can make them tastier. Herbal remedies are also effective if used properly.


If you have a large backyard and have wide-open spaces full of flowers and trees, then you might consider beekeeping. Installing beehive boxes and giving the bees additional care is actually pretty easy. Most beehives are self-supporting and just need some additional help to survive the various natural threats. Soon, you’ll have hives full of honey to harvest. You are going to need some specialist equipment to harvest and bottle your honey, but these aren’t that costly.

Raising Small LivestockHundreds of chicken eggs

It may surprise you but depend on the size of your backyard, you might have enough space to raise some great livestock choices. For example, you only need a small corner to set up your own chicken coop. Having 20 to 30 chickens is quite manageable since they are not as demanding when it comes to feeding. They can provide you with a regular source of eggs and the occasional chicken dinner when necessary. Goats are also a good choice since they can produce milk for consumption.

Small-Scale Manufacturing

There are several products that only need a minimum amount of space to start. Two good examples of these are soap and candles. Making your own soap can be very profitable if you sell locally. Many people love all-natural products. Candles may seem outdated but they are still useful these days and they provide a quick return, especially if you market them right.

If you love baking, you can start a small bakery and sell bread or cookies and cakes in your community. Your neighbors would love to try your home-made creations and will probably become your loyal customers soon.

As you can see, some businesses don’t need fancy storefronts or manufacturing facilities. Smaller businesses only require the right space and some know-how. The ideas above should help you develop a thriving business. Put some effort into it and you can quickly start making money.

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