Should Your Business Start Targeting Generation Z?

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A quick search on the internet will give you tons of different reasons to cater to millennials. They are today’s largest group of consumers, surpassing Baby Boomers as the largest generation with living adults. Do the same research on how to attract Generation Z consumers and you will also pull up millions of results in an instant. But the question is why should your business start considering marketing to Gen-Zers?

Business Insider Intelligence defines Generation Z as those born between 1996 and 2010. Many call them the centennials, iGen, Homelanders, Gen-Z, and Gen-Zers. We know them as the generation who are digital natives. Many of them do not know how people survived without smartphones and the internet. Even if millennials beat them in numbers and buying power, there are still lots of reasons to start welcoming iGen with open arms soon.

They are more engrossed in technology

Who can blame Generation Z for being even more detached than millennials? For one, they basically grew up with different technological advancements many Baby Boomers are afraid to catch up with. Many of their parents, 58% according to research, use gadgets as baby sitters for the sake of finishing some work and for a little peace and quiet. But then, their love of technology is what makes them a great target consumer for most businesses.

Generation Z spends hours each day browsing the internet, checking their emails, and catching up on social media. If you are already marketing your brand online, then you could unknowingly be tapping tomorrow’s largest population of consumers. With the right strategy, you can harness their buying power. This makes improving your online strategy and hiring a competent digital marketing company a must.

They value brick-and-mortar experiences

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Just because they are almost always online, does not mean they like online shopping more. Research shows more than 98% prefer buying from physical stores. This means if you are a brick-and-mortar store, you can take advantage of Generation Z’s love for the physical shopping experience to increase your sales.

While online shopping has its perks, Gen-Zers have great reasons to do their shopping offline. For one, they want to make sure their desired product is available before buying. Many also consider them as the most financially-savvy generation. They wish to get the most value out of their cash by checking the items themselves before buying.

They are also following millennial’s footsteps when it comes to purchasing the things they need. They want stores to allow them to purchase online and pick up their orders sans any physical interaction with business staff. There is no denying that this is one great marketing idea which you can incorporate in the future.

They want feedback and are not afraid to share their own comments

Consumers nowadays do some kind of research before making a decision. For Generation Z, they crave feedback from brands. They expect companies to value customer feedback and actually respond and do something about it to check the brand’s authenticity. Another remarkable thing about Gen-Zers is that they are more likely to share positive feedbacks than negative ones. If you manage to cater to them the right way, you can expect them to willingly give your brand a positive review.

Generation Z needs more years to surpass the number of living millennial consumers. But they already prove to be a powerful consumer group as early as now. They are tomorrow’s next big thing, which is why every business should start preparing on how to market their brand to iGen.

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