Seven Wedding Themes That Will Make You the Talk of the Town


As much as we want our weddings to be about ourselves, we can’t help thinking of our guests when we decide on the décor, the theme, and the color motif for the wedding. Why is that? Naturally, we want everyone to have a good time at the wedding. We want our guests to be comfortable and to enjoy the night as much as we do. Can’t think of a theme for your wedding yet? We have listed some of the most popular and creative wedding themes:


Wouldn’t it be super cool to have a western-style wedding with guests wearing corral boots? This would especially work if one of you grew up in the west or is fond of the Wild Wild West themes in Hollywood films. Your guests can dress up as cowboys or cowgirls. You can have your wedding in a ranch and play traditional games.


There’s something so easy and fun with a whimsical wedding. The bride may be traditionally clad in an all-white or ivory gown, and the groom may either be in a tux or a blue suit. But all the other elements scream of fun and love. Whimsical weddings will allow you to use mismatched chairs, colorful balloons, and creative wedding venues such as a forest barn. You can opt for tent rental in Houston to offer your guests a unique wedding reception.


There’s something about antiques that make you want to fall in love all over again. The easiest way to achieve this look is by wearing a vintage gown and have a classic updo. You can also drive away in a classic car such as a Porsche or a Volkswagen.


Do you like being different from the rest of the brides clad in an all-white gown? You can decorate your wedding venue in black and white, have a rock-and-roll band for your entertainment, and allow guests to wear rockstar-ish outfits. Honestly, your wedding is going to be so cool with its non-traditional flair that you’ll be easily remembered by your guests when they talk about great weddings they have attended.

guests throwing confetti


Isn’t is easy to be oh-so-romantic on your wedding day when love is bursting from your heart and everything looks rosy and bright? Romantic wedding themes will include the use of large bouquets, chandeliers, calligraphy, hanging lanterns, and pastel-colored bridesmaid dresses.


A rustic-themed wedding has probably been one of the most popular themes for any wedding in the past decade. Your wedding needs to be super homey and comfortable to achieve this look. String lights, mason jars, distressed wood, and lace will all give the illusion of a rustic wedding. You can get married in a barn or an old bed-and-breakfast.


If your style is a bit more on the modern side, you can opt for geometric shapes, clean lines, sleek seats, cool solid-color backdrops, and metallic colors. Your wedding will be straight-to-the-point. Your wedding dress will be up to the nines, and your hair will be chic and sleek in a tight bun.

No matter what kind of wedding you want to have, focus on the most important element of this day: the one standing beside you. Does it matter if you’re getting married in the courthouse, in a barn, in the church, or in your backyard? As long as the person standing next to you is “the one,” you should be set for good.

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