Selecting Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in New Zealand

Janitor cleaning with a vacuum

Whether you are constructing a road, residential house or large industrial structures, you will appreciate how essential industrial vacuum cleaners are in housekeeping and promoting a safe working environment. These vacuum cleaners are available in different models and made to suit different work environments and applications in New Zealand. If you have not purchased an industrial vacuum cleaner in New Zealand before, you could be wondering how you would find an appropriate one. Below are few questions you could ask when buying a vacuum cleaner to guide your buying process:

What is the Main Application for Your Vacuum Cleaner?

Before digging into more details of a vacuum cleaner, ensure you have a clear understanding of why you need a vacuum cleaner. Will you be cleaning up dust, or dealing with liquid spills? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options during your selection process.

What Type of Filtration is Ideal for You?

The ideal filtration system will depend on the materials you will be collecting and the industrial regulatory requirements. Mostly, industrial applications require ultra-low particulate air filters or high-efficiency particulate air filters. ULPA filters filter 99.9% of dust particles while HEPA filters retain 99.97% of particles.

Is Your Vacuum Cleaner for Intermittent or Continuous Use?

If you run a 24/7 facility and you will be using your vacuum cleaner continuously, a three-phase, regenerative, blower-powered vacuum cleaner is suitable for you as it is an economical and energy-efficient option. If your vacuum cleaner is for intermittent use, a universal, motor-powered, single-phase one will do the task perfectly. You can connect your vacuum cleaner to your intermittent-use equipment to keep dust at bay. Industrial vacuum cleaners are the best equipment to use against contamination from hazardous dust particles in your New Zealand facility. Vacuum cleaners are not one-size fits-all equipment, and only the right one will work for you. Remember to comply with OSHA requirements to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner.

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