RV Camping is Both Basic and Glamorous

camp site with tents

Camping is an exciting, enjoyable activity everyone can enjoy. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the outdoors and bask in nature’s beauty without the distractions of technology and sources of modern-day headaches, like urban noise and street congestion. So it’s unsurprising that the total number of camping households in the U.S. increased by over 6 million from 2014 to 2017.

The Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) attributes this population growth to the increase of recreational vehicles (RVs) and the emergence of new campgrounds and camping accommodations.

This observation implies that people still want to connect with nature, but preferably when urban comforts are within reach. It certainly explains the existence of modern RVs: tricked-out trailers that are essentially mobile homes.

Exciting Improvements in RVs

The earliest RV models were just regular cars with small, wheeled cabins attached at the back. More than a hundred years later, RVs have transformed into tiny houses on wheels. While the RV industry caters to the entire economic spectrums, it’s undeniable that the most exciting improvements on RVs occur in models targeted for the upper class.

Today’s luxury RVs boast of modern amenities, full-size furniture, and professional –range appliances. While mid-range RV manufacturers maximize space by merging rooms and building custom furniture, makers of luxury RVs indulge high-tech features, like expandable floors and walls, smart technology, retractable sky lounges, and even aircraft technology. At the very least, luxury units have bathtubs, central air conditioning, wide under-floor storage, and a wet bar.

RV camping is an experience that’s different from what camping purists are used to. Even a mid-range RV has a toilet, which is a luxury out in the wilderness.

Recreational vehicles at a campsite

Old-School Camping Essentials Technology Can’t Chase Away

Despite the developments in RV camping, nature is still at its core. Campers still want to experience the outdoors, whether they drive out in the middle of a forest or park in a campground. They will look forward to activities that make camping special, like pitching a tent, cutting firewood, lighting a bonfire, and cooking a meal over an open fire.

These are experiences that high-tech RV amenities can’t replace, just like technology can’t make basic camping essentials obsolete.

a) Knife and Paracord – Campers will always need to cut or put together things (and for which scissors and scotch tape wouldn’t be good enough) when out in nature. A utility knife and bundles of paracord are therefore a must. Both are light and will easily fit into bags and pockets, and may be hung onto belts and tents.

b) Multi-purpose Pocket Tool – While there’s room in an RV for a complete toolbox, a multi-tool is still necessary. It would be inconvenient to carry a large, heavy box all over a campsite, more so when exploring the surrounding area. Keeping a multi-tool in the pocket will save campers the hassle of carrying extra weight or running all the way back to the RV to retrieve one tool.

c) Camping Mat – Sleeping under the stars or in a tent is one of the highlights of camping. The beds in the RV would be a welcome alternative if it rains, but if the conditions are perfect for outdoor sleeping, campers shouldn’t miss out on the experience. Camping mats are insulated, padded, and prevent forest critters from snuggling into their beddings as they sleep.

RV campers get to experience the best of both RV and tent camping. That they brought along urban conveniences shouldn’t be an issue. What matters more is they gain a deeper appreciation for and feel re-connected to nature.

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