Essential Ideas for Revitalizing Your Damaged Hair

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Whether it’s through bleaching or years and years of neglect, it’s never too late for your dry and damaged hair. There are plenty of lifestyle changes you can make, routines you can try, and products you can invest in to bring your hair back to life. Here are some tips and pointers for revitalizing dry and damaged hair.

Go for a cut

The simplest and most instantaneous way you can revitalize your hair is by chopping the most damaged parts. If you have ever gotten an ombre or bleached the tips of your hair, one of the best things you can do for your hair now, especially if it has become brittle and breaks off easily, is to cut the parts most damaged by bleach. If you’re attached to your long hair, remind yourself that it will grow back and that closing this chapter will help you welcome a new one.

Take it easy on the hot tools

We get it; it’s crucial to have gorgeous hair when you have Zoom meetings or when you have to go out. But there are plenty of ways to style your hair without resorting to hot tools. You can invest in those curlers that require no heat—many of these products can be found in your local drugstore, and they don’t cost too much. If you must use hot tools, don’t scrimp on heat protectant sprays, and use the lowest possible setting for your tools.

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Give wet hair some tender loving care

Your hair is most vulnerable and susceptible to further damage when it’s wet, so you must mitigate any potential damages while drying your hair. Here are some dos and don’ts for handling wet hair:

  • Do not pull a brush through it while it’s wet unless it’s a brush or comb that was specifically designed for wet hair.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to slowly and gently remove tangles while it’s wet.
  • Refrain from vigorously rubbing your wet hair with a towel. Practice gently blotting your hair with a towel that’s on the fluffier side—there are towels designed specifically for wet hair, like a microfiber cloth or T-shirt.
  • Do not tie your hair up when it’s wet, or put it in a braid. Doing so might cause breakage.

Indulge and invest in the right products

That cheap hair product that promises to do everything for your hair? It might be causing more harm than good. You might save some cash on more affordable products, but if they’re not properly addressing your hair’s issues, you might end up spending more to fix these problems in the long term.

A quality luxury shampoo and conditioner usually have more ingredients known for nursing hair back to health. They often adhere to standards that address specific concerns to achieve healthy hair in effective ways. They are also known for having the most state-of-the-art technology to find advanced and results-oriented products for their customers’ hair and scalp.

Consult with professionals

Hair professionals spend a lot of time learning everything they can about people’s hair and the best practices to help clients achieve gorgeous and healthy hair, making them the best people you can run to for help. Visit your nearest salon and let the hairstylists inspect your hair, so they can give you the best course of action and the treatments that your hair needs.

However, if you have more serious problems beyond the aesthetic, like extreme hair loss, consider consulting with your primary care provider. There might be underlying health issues manifesting in your hair, and the way to truly treat your hair is by addressing the root problems that cause these issues.

Give your hair round-the-clock protection

Whether you’re going to sleep, staying home all day, or exposing yourself under the sun, you need to find ways to protect your hair round-the-clock. Leave-in conditioners and hair treatments are some of the best bodyguards for your tresses because they don’t need rinsing and provide a protective layer for your hair.

If you’re going for a swim or playing under the sun, a swim cap will help protect your hair from harmful chlorine and saltwater. If you’re running or walking under the noonday sun, a hat is enough to protect your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays. Whatever products you use, make sure to follow the instructions on the bottles.

Our hair needs just as much TLC as our skin and other parts of our body. And if it’s damaged, even more so. Take steps now to help nurse your hair back to health.

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