Reasons to Start a Side Hustle in the Middle of a Pandemic

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To those who already have side hustles before the COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably starting to feel like that job on the side is becoming an essential stream of income. Unlike before, you do it just for the joy and fun of it. It was great to have but was not really vital to surviving your daily life.

Non-essential businesses are closing and unemployment is rising, as the pandemic continues to hit the economy. On the brighter side of things, some businesses are undeniably flourishing during this crisis. To name a few, we have medical franchise businesses, e-Commerce, and grocery stores.

If you don’t belong to the few business sectors mentioned, or to a business that is essential for survival, here are some reasons to ponder why you should start a side hustle now:

1. Unstable Employment

Good for you, if you still have your full-time job right now. But, how secure is it?

We are currently in an era of uncertain time. Millions of people already lost their jobs and livelihood, and their families are largely affected by it. This health crisis taught us that decades-long employment and tight relationships with your bosses won’t do anything to save your employment. Though vaccines are being discovered, it’s still unclear when is everything going back to normal.

Tomorrow is not promised and neither is your employed status. With a side hustle, you are your own boss, you are in control.

2. It’s another stream of income. Extra money is always a good idea.

Since the spike of the pandemic millions of Americans has suffered financially.

The thing is we don’t need a pandemic to realize that you have to have a backup plan in case you lose your main source of income. That possibility is always present with or without COVID-19. Think of ways to diversify your income while you are still receiving them.

A side hustle is an opportunity to have a second source of income. After all, is there anyone who does not want extra money?

3. You need a creative outlet now more than ever.

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly 8 in 10 adults say the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant source of stress in their lives. Uncertainty about the future, especially those who lost their livelihoods due to this crisis, are major stressors of adults.

By having a side hustle, we can keep ourselves busy and bring back our sense of purpose. Having something to keep us occupied can help ease the anxiety we feel during this challenging time. And, at the same time, this is the perfect opportunity for you to express your creative side. You can do things your way because you are your own boss.

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Side hustles you can start without breaking the social distancing protocol:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Do can do affiliate on platforms you are comfortable using. It can be Instagram, YouTube, or a website of your own. Promote a product and earn a commission when someone buys it.

2. Social Media Management

If you are social media savvy, this should be a piece of cake for you. You will be managing brands’ social media accounts. That includes: writing captions and creating content and replying to comments. The best part of this is you get paid for doing what you normally do.

3. Dropshipping

This type of business allows entrepreneurs to have an online store selling goods without actual stock. What happens is, you the dropshipper sells a product and a third party provides and ships it directly to your customer.

If you are coming from the sales industry, dropshipping might be your best bet.

4. Online Teaching

With this one, you don’t necessarily have to be a licensed teacher to do this. Teach things that you are good at. For instance, guitar playing, English tutoring, and even fitness classes like yoga.

The economy remains to be in bad shape. And now, it got you contemplating on whether now is a considerable time to start a side hustle or not. Well, the brief answer to that is yes. To tell you the truth, starting a sideline now is as good as any time.

With or without crisis, the success of a potential business is in your hands. Be creative and adaptable to change because that is how you will grow. And, if you will only focus on the bright side, you’ll see that once this pandemic is over, you may have an established, thriving business. And, who knows, this could even be a real business in the future that can replace the full-time job that you don’t even love.

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